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    Includes Expert Content
    Chinese Herb Chang Shan / Rheumatoid Arthritis
    togetherweareone posted:

    Has anyone tried Chang Shan? If so, what did you discovery good or back?

    It would be great if an herb could effectively treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear togetherweareone,

    I have not tried that herb, but I agree it would be great if there were a safe and effective herbal RA treatment.

    Here's a couple of articles on herbs and supplements and RA that may be interesting to you:

    Natural Treatments for RA

    The Best & Worst Supplements for RA

    Yours in health,

    arlit56 responded:
    Yes I am on Chang Shan.. have been for 1 month now..
    and am getting my RA in remission.. it really is working.
    I also have a cousin trying it and it's a bit slower for her but
    seems to be working for her too.I'm down to 2 methrotrexate
    a week and hopefully this next month off of them..I'm also
    taking 3,000 mg of VitB3 a day along with fish oil, folic acid,
    multi-vitamin, and a few more.. Have also been watching my
    food and found pototo's to really flare up the RA.. you really have to keep track of everything you take.
    selfdiagnois replied to arlit56's response:
    It has been 11 months ago since you last posted. I hope you have good results from taking Chang Shan.

    I am interested to try Chang Shan. I asked Chinese herbal store and they required the Chinese word for Chang Shan. I asked Alternative medicine health store and they do not carry it.My doctor is not familiar with this either.

    Would you share where I can get Chang Shan, your experience and Chinese name if available?

    Thank you!
    ForceF16 replied to selfdiagnois's response:
    I believe this is it. Dr. Zhang lives in CA and give her call to see which herbs are best for you to treat RA. Good luck and don't forget to share your experience with RAers community in this forum after taking herbs formula. Hope this helps.
    Scott Zashin, MD responded:
    One of the good things about having RA is that there tremendous amount of money that is being spent to develop medications that help both the symptoms of RA and prevent damage therby improving long term function. Most drugs tested in animals never make it to market due to lack of benefit in humans or potential side effects. The most recent drug to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of RA, Tocilizumab, is
    a drug that blocks the function of a protien called Interleukin which is involved causing inflammation and damage to joints.
    selfdiagnois replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
    Thank you for the two responses to my post.

    I have found the Chinese name for Chang Shan. Since it is toxic, Chinese herbal stores do not carry it.

    Thanks for Dr. Zashin's information and the new drug. I will look into it further.
    Marcol619 replied to arlit56's response:
    I just ran across an article on Chang Shan for autoimmune disorders. I have Sjogren's, polymyalgia rheumatica, arthritis, osteo and RA. Also have asthma and allergies. I have tried many
    different supplements and protocols, but I am not completely satisfied with the results. Where in the world did you find a place to order Chang shan??????
    MichaelDavaa replied to arlit56's response:

    Did Chang Shan help you with your arthritis? If so can you please advise which one did you use. Thank you so much!!!
    MichaelDavaa replied to arlit56's response:
    Hi, Can you please please tell me the brand of Chang Shan you used? It has been 3 years since you posted on WbMD. Can you please tell me your results so far? I am interested in trying. Thank you very much!!!
    merylynn replied to selfdiagnois's response:
    Hello. I have been taking Chang Shan with no results yet. I have been taking it for a month and a half for fibromyalgia and MS symptoms. They say that results only begin to appear in two to six months, so I am NOT yet discouraged.

    I purchase it on Amazon with the search term "Chang Shan." The brand is called "999."

    This is the link to the web page:

    selfdiagnois replied to merylynn's response:
    Hi Merylynn,

    Thanks for sharing with us the link to purchase Chang Shan.

    I had discussed with Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and their comments were Chang Shan is toxic and could not be imported to the country.

    Sometimes Chinese medicine can be toxic but if taken with some herbal medicine together, it is balance out. Most Chinese medicine is from a mix of numerous herbal medicine boiled together to drink.

    Please enquire carefully the side effects if you are taking Chang Shan by itself as a pill.

    I hope you have good results.

    undefined replied to selfdiagnois's response:
    just a reply to all Pure Magnesium Oil will relax muscles and spurs blood flow great stuff when you can't sleep and when your awake also. Try it you can get it of Amazon. Amazing
    arlit56 replied to MichaelDavaa's response:
    So sorry I haven't posted for so long.. guess life is busy and I forget to check this blog.. Yes I still take the Chang Shan and do like it .. I order it from SunCatcher Herbs Greeley, Colorado they have a web site you can check out.. they have several herbs with the Chang Shan Included in them. One bottle is Sclero-eze and the other is T-Helper.. which helps with the inflammation. My RA is still in remission and these help a lot . In the past 2 years I've also gone on a gluten free diet and that really has helped.

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