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    Anyone develop eczema along with RA?
    An_215799 posted:
    It seems around the same time my stiffness and aches started, I developed eczema. Hormones also seem to play a big part in my flares. I'm just hoping that maybe there's someone else like me here. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Anon_34616,

    I just posted this for someone else. In this article on Types of Arthritis , it mentions there are more than 100 kinds of arthritis. I don't know if you're seeing a rheumatologist, but it seems like he or she could answer you as to whether or not the two things are related. You might also want to see a dermatologist, too.

    Yours in health,

    RAWarrior responded:
    Yes, anon. RA can come with various rashes or skin problems. But it's also possible that it is psoriasis. That comes w/ RA symptoms and they call it Psoriatic Arthritis. Has your rheum doc seen it when it's bad? If not you could take a photo on a bad day so you can show it to the rheum doc & a derm doc sounds like a must. Best of luck to you. A basic description of Psoriatic Arthritis . A Mayo clinic article on PA .

    Good luck,
    An_215800 replied to RAWarrior's response:
    Hi Kelly! Thanks for your helpful response. I went to a dermatologist back when my eczema first started and have a Rx steroid cream for the eczema. Saw the derm again last week for a refill and she wants to do a skin biopsy because I keep going from flare-to-flare. Maybe the biopsy will reveal the underlying cause to be RA. If it does, I'll post about it and maybe it will help others here.

    Take care you RA Warrior!

    baytan2 responded:
    Hi Anon, unlike you I developed eczema years before I was diagnosed with RA. It began with small areas on my hands and I now have it pretty bad on both hands and on my feet. My pcp diagnosed it as dishydrotic (? not sure if that's spelled right) eczema and I saw a dermatologist who prescribes steroid cream. Actually right now my right foot is really bad. I never thought the two could be connected. Wonder what I can look forward to next. All I have to say is that I am sick of all this.........
    An_215801 replied to baytan2's response:
    Hi baytan,

    Sorry to hear about your foot being bad right now - how awful. My flare is on my upper chest at the moment - I've become good at hiding ice packs in my shirt! When I talk to my doctor I'll ask about a possible eczema/RA link. Coincidentally, my dermatologist shares an office with her rheumatologist husband so between the two of them I just might get an answer, or at least an educated guess.

    Hope you have a great weekend and are able to find some relief!

    Best wishes,
    Ritybuds responded:
    I have had eczema since I was little (2 or so) when I was in my teens it got very bad, and has been diagnosed as many different kinds - dry blister eczema is the only one I can remember right now. Anyway, I had a bad flare up this year and when I went to my dr to get the medicine they asked if I had ever been tested for RA. I have just recently found out that I do have mild RA, but it was the eczema that had them test for it in the first place. So there must be some connection somewhere...
    Anonamom responded:
    My daughter has a skin flare as well as hormonal related episodes.We recently removed grains and potatoes from her diet and what a tangible difference.This is worth a try for Auto Immune based issues.It only took a few weeks to see a major change.Remember lots of water!

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