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    Anyone on Humaira?
    aw410 posted:
    Hi, I've had Ra for about 15 years and getting worse. The doctor is putting me on Humaira, and want to know how it works for some people..Thanks

    lac85 responded:
    hi, like you I had ra for over 10 years and then it started to get worse. Last summer was put on Humara, and it worked for me while I was able to take it. Severe reaction to it. Make sure to sign up for their support program, they send you a sharpie container that you mail back to them so you don't have to pay for hazardous waste disposal.
    aw410 replied to lac85's response:
    Thanks for responding...what kind of reaction did you have, if you don't mind me asking..that is what I would like to know..I know we're all different, but biologics sound scary and I want to be prepared...had terrible stomach problems with on plaquinil and prednisone, not really working so gonna try humaira...
    lac85 replied to aw410's response:
    I had a severe alegeric reaction where I couldn't swallow. A reaction that you could have with anything. Went to ER and can't take any TNF biologic because same class of drug. I know it is scary to try all these drugs but if they can prolong your independence and prevent the disease from causing to much damage then one must weigh the pro's and con's.
    DIYSTER responded:
    Hi Anna,
    I've been on Humira for almost 1 1/2 years with no apparent side effects. It seems to be working since my labs come back normal with each Rheumatologist visit.

    Not everyone reacts the same however. There's only one way to find out if it works for you and that is to give it a try. You can get Humira in a pre-filled syringe or an injection pen. I use the syringe and after being shown once by the nurse how to do it, it has become 2nd nature for me. The local fire dept takes my sharps container and gives me a new one. Be sure to ask for info on Abbott Lab's Humira support plan and sign up. They subsidize the cost of the drug for you.

    Best of luck Anna!
    aw410 replied to DIYSTER's response:
    Thank you for your response. I am waiting now to get Humira and am nervous, but your reply makes me feel better. I know everyone is different, and if it will help, I'm up for it. How long have you had RA? I just got approved for disability. I am not happy I can't work anymore, I'm only 59 and used to have so much energy. Another hard part is no one understands, they can't see it so they think I'm just being lazy..Just hoping this med works and I don't have any major side effects...Thanks again...What were you on before the Humira?
    aw410 replied to lac85's response:
    Thanks, what meds are you on now? I plan on trying Humira, anything to maybe feel normal again..It's a tough disease because no one can see it, and think I'm making it all up...
    DIYSTER replied to aw410's response:
    I was diagnosed (finally) in March 2009 but had symptoms for a long, long time before that. Once the Rheumatologist confirmed his diagnosis he put me on Humira, Prednisone and Evoxac (for Sjogren's Syndrome). I've weaned off the Prednisone (though I loved how good I felt on it) so it is just basically those 2 drugs.

    I asked my Rheumatologist to test me for Celiac (had a hunch) and it came back positive. So I've been gluten-free for about 7-10 days and starting to feel a little better each day. Turns out Celiac can cause auto-immune disease! I'm hoping I can eventually come off the Humira but need to let my intestines heal first.

    Thought I'd have to try disability too but if I am able to turn things around, maybe I can still do something, hopefully get back into real estate. How did the disability process go for you?
    HuskerKittyCat responded:
    Hi, I was diagnosed in 2008, but since then I have tried Plaquenil, which I had a terrible reaction to and it left me anemic, tried Simponi, that never did anything for me, and so now I am on Humeria. It's been 8weeks since I started this med and so far I haven't seen any changes. I haven't had any reactions either, thank God. I use the prefilled pen and inject every two weeks. I ice the spot I'm going to use for 10 min. prior to doing the shot. It seems to help a little bit. I think the pen is great but it sure does sting. But if it kicks in and works I'll put up with the stinging. My RA dr says If i havent seen any improvements by the time I see him in Nov. then we'll try another med. I hope the Humeria works for you.
    Take care.
    DIYSTER replied to HuskerKittyCat's response:
    Hi HuskerKittyCat,
    Just wanted to mention a technique to lessen the stinging of the Humira shot. This was recommended by my Rheumatologist. You can leave the injection out for up to but no more than 30 minutes prior to taking the shot. By warming up a little, it takes some of the "bite" out of the stinging which is caused by the Ph level of the med.

    I hope you find something that works for you!
    aw410 replied to DIYSTER's response:
    Hi, I did get approved for disability...luckily the first time around..Still waiting for the Humira, in the meantime starting on Avara, first dose today so we'll see. I'm also a Realtor, but just can't do it anymore, that was my life, 25 years of it, and now I can't do the Humira is working for you? is the celiac diet easy. I'm wondering if I should look into that...its so hard to know whats good or bad for you. Hope you're feeling better
    DIYSTER replied to aw410's response:
    Hi Anna! Glad to hear you were able to get approved for disability on your first attempt. Regarding the Humira, yes, it still appears to be working for me. I felt even better with the Prednisone but trying to stay off of it while I see how the celiac diet affects my digestive tract and RA symptoms in general.

    I'll be honest, the celiac diet isn't easy to cope with - it's a big change. It is most difficult dining out since so many menu items contain obvious or, worse yet, hidden culprits. Shopping and home menus are interesting but I've found a whole section in the local grocery store that stock gluten-free items and that helps a lot. Even a few of them my husband will eat with me so that helps. I also found a few local restaurants, even pizza joints, that have gluten-free options.

    If you decide to pursue this possibility you can ask for the blood test but keep eating gluten items up until the test, otherwise you may end up with a FALSE negative.

    You will also find me on the Celiac Support group and IBS Support group on WebMD. WebMD has very good info on Celiac and IBS so go check it out when you have time.

    If there are any other questions I can answer on Humira, don't hesititate to ask. (I'll be away and offline during mid-October)
    madcap2 replied to DIYSTER's response:
    My wife has been on Humira for almost 3 years not 100% effective with side affects bruising of arms and now has been diagnosed with Bowens desease (beginning of skin cancer)
    and low resistance to infections. What do you do on bad days to manage pain. By the way she self injects every 2 weeks. She is very frustrated and would like to get off Humira any suggestions

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