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    Eliminate Dairy and change your Life!!!
    starlingsnest posted:
    Hi, I"m 51yrs old and 4 years ago, I slowly starting having pain in my hands. Over the course of a year, it worsened to the point of any pressure on my middle finger joints on both hands caused extreme discomfort. It got to the point where i could not lift heavy objects, could not turn door knobs, could not carry a bag, could not shake someones hand, without great pain. I tried going off wheat/gluten but it did not make a difference. After seeing a rheumatologist, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, although multiple blood tests were negative. I was given a potent anti inflammatory, i forget the name, but its the one that treats malaria and can cause blindness. It worked for the month i took it, but I decided to do more research... I happened upon a blog where someone gave up dairy and cured their joint pain. It took a good 6 months...... but I have now been free of join pain for almost 2 years!!!!!! Eliminate dairy and get your life back!!!!! I can't tell this story enough!!!
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    toofaan responded:
    Hi, the name of the pill which can cause blindness is called " Plaquenil " ! my doctor has prescribed it for my RA ! I am so reluctant to take due to the side effects . have you stopped taking this pill since you eliminated Dairy ? also , how long were you on this pill all together ? !!! do you recommend this pill ? my RA is mild and not severe yet , even though it has stopped me from my daily activities ! by the way I am 60 years old .thank you !
    An_264266 responded:
    Spot on!

    Thank you for stating that our much beloved dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, butter, kefir, cream ...) is a culprit for so many autoimmune sufferers, starlingsnest.

    As much as we loved those tasty products, as much as they were a significant part of our lives (as children growing up & throughout our adult years) we have to say goodbye to them (even as occasional treats) -- if we'd like to avoid rousing the inflammatory beast within us.

    The choice (for so many of us) becomes do we want to be able to use our hands, walk on our feet, move our knees, elbows, shoulders... or have a momentary indulgence of an ice cream treat.

    When having to by-pass a bite of cheese pizza or a spoonful of yoghurt means we can move our limbs (pain-free), it becomes a matter of functioning/ living 'normally' or barely functioning/ living at all.

    (Who'd think such an innocuous looking white liquid (milk) poured over cereal could cripple a full-grown man or women with debilitating pain?!)

    Well, thank goodness there are so many other food options in the world, so we don't have to starve or feel deprived.

    As time passes, the craving for our favourite dairy foods fade. And, the mere ability to move our joints freely -- without pain -- makes the thought of going back to eating our once-loved dairy foods unthinkable. (Once you have the experience of directly connecting the pain/ inflammation to particular foods, you are ever so vigilant to avoid those triggers.)

    The choice is ours & as you say, starlingsnest, it will "change your Life!!!"

    For many of us who've learned (the hard way or the easy way), we are getting our life back, a bite at a time.

    And, a big THANK YOU for making people aware of an inflammatory food group, starlingsnest.

    Keep telling your story!

    Continued good health & well wishes to you, kind soul.

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