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    I OVERCOME MY RA -- just want to share
    An_267029 posted:
    Want to share my experience with RA which might help you as much as it helped me...

    I was diagnosed with RA almost 4 years ago, that was march 2012. My joints were inflamed everyday!! I can hardly move and always in pain..I was prescribed with actemra, and had taken it for just 2 months because it was too expensive, that's 40k here in the Philippines per shot plus 10% of the cost of the drug was the pf of the doctor who will administer it and since it was too expensive and I no longer continue the meds and shifted to cheaper ones--the prednisone. For so many months, I'm taking 20mg a day with arcoxia 60mg. I bloated as it is the side effect of the prednisone.. I managed to lessen the dose to 15mg, more months again to 10mg until such time I lessened it to 5mg a day. In short, I've been taking the drug for a very long time. During those times I looked for other natural alternatives like bragg apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and other anti inflammatory herbal products, and yes it helped me lessened the pain once in a while, but still continuing to use prednisone at 5mg a day since the pain is still as painful as it is. I was so eager to look for other meds which could help me get rid of the steroidal med I'm taking coz I know it will kill my kidneys in prolong using of the med. Until a stranger (who became my good friend) introduced me to a product which helped me alot to overcome my RA, I'm taking it for 3 months now and was so happy to say that I no longer feel the pain everyday and had stop taking the steroidal med (prednisone) for almost 2 months now. The product is safe with zero toxicity so I am no longer worried of my kidney being damaged. Now, I can do and feel what other normal people do. So happy and blessed. Thank God..
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    joannie23 responded:
    what is the product? is it a supplement?
    undefined responded:
    What is the product you are using that is safe for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
    undefined responded:
    What is the product?
    undefined responded:
    Can you respond to my email [email protected] what the product you used that has helped you with managing your Rheumatoid Arthritis? Desperately need something.

    Faye Soler
    joyelizabethschl replied to 200900456's response:
    Hello Faye
    I'm not the lady who posted that, but I am cured of my RA, after 30 years! I finally found that if I left off prescription meds except a bit of aspirin if I needed it, & using homeopathic meds, such as silica 30s & pulsatilla 4cs, that I became totally pain-free, particularly if I cut out sugar & white flour too. I also get enough sleep. But I never have pain now, & I don't flare, never have swelling, & totally enjoy what I can of life. It is a blesssing to be pain-free without having to worry about taking anything, just like a normal healthy person.

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    prednisolone may be more effective than prednisone in some patientsExpert
    Rarely I will find a patient who is not getting the response I would expect with prednisone. In those patients, I will sometimes prescribe ... More
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