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    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    mala78 posted:
    I am taking Methotrexate from last two years but still the stiffness and inflamation some times make it worse as I am overweight too,so couldnot get the benefit specaially on cold weather. But recently I found very good natural and easy way. Actually I was taking green tea, this is not a regular green tea you would get from shop. You might get it from health shop, I am not sure, I am not promoting any product so I want you to make sure the one you use in herbal(pure green tea). My purpose of taking tea was too loose weight so I was trying adding different herbs to make it more effective, like cinnamon sticks. Nothing suited me as I would bloat and stiffness become worse. So I started adding fresh ginger sticks in my thermo bottle. The green tea I am using is quite expensive than the regular one so I try to make 6 cups out of 2 bags or two spoon. I realised that from last two weeks I had not taken my medcines cause I was feeling so light and energetic and no stiffness that I had forgot so quickly that I was taking medicine. You understand what I am saying. Though I am back on my regular medication as I don't want to get in any other problem but I am regularly taking green tea every morning and before going to bed. If you make 1ltr of green tea you could take it for two day same. I don't know how healthy it is but I am full of energy and could spend some time out with kids. I really couldn't stop sharing this experience as I know how it hold you back and other people do not understand you as there is no sign. My partner even said before that I was acting that I could not move my finger or walk, it is just a excuse to not to work. I would be glad if it helps any one of you who is in same condition. Good luck!
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    Katie006 responded:
    Hi, I drink green tea but only once in a while..I'll make me up a container and give it a try on a regular basis..I do know that ginger helps with the inflammation but dumb me doesn't eat it like I should..It's hard to tell we have a problem because inflammation doesn't show..Sure is painful thats for sure..I just got started on the Remicade iv infusions..Hate the side effects that go along with all these treatments..Seems like they could come up with something safer to get rid of the imflammation..Guess there isn't big money on green tea or ginger even if it works..I also take the methotraxate..Good luck to you too..
    cnpsmith replied to Katie006's response:
    How much methotrexate do you take per week? Do you take tablets?
    lac85 replied to cnpsmith's response:
    I take 9(2.5mg) tablets once a week. I was told recently by my rheumy to take half in am and other in pm.
    Marzipana responded:
    Ginger has been known to have broad anti-inflammatory properties, and recent clinical research has backed this up. Thanks for sharing!

    Helpful Tips

    help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
    I recommend all my patients on methotrexate take at least 1 mg of Folic Acid daily to help decrease the risk of side effects. In those ... More
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