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    Dry eyes and dry mouth
    Scott Zashin, MD posted:
    Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to inflammation of the lacrimal (eye) and salivary (mouth) glands. I recommend that my patients use artificial tears frequently so their eyes do not get dry. For dry mouth, I ask them to avoid cinnamon and take sips of water instead of large gulps. Sugarless gum and hard candy may also help symptoms by stimulating saliva production.
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    a1poll3o responded:
    wow, I have sjogrens and use cinnamon all the time. why avoid cinnamon?
    dorila responded:
    I stopped taking my Medrol (prednisolone) medication because I thought the eye dryness was a side effect of it. Now I got back non-steroid treatment and try to deal with pain which was gone with the steroids.
    JoyfulinOklahoma responded:
    Dr. Zashin,
    Do you think it is absolutely necessary for people with dry eyes to use Restasis, or is the over the counter artificial tears adequate. Restasis is quite expensive, but I don't want to damage my eyes if the other will not do the job.

    thank you,
    Micheleakron responded:
    My doctor put me on Evoxac. This has been helping my dry eyes, mouth and nose.
    mybuddyrobin responded:
    My eyes are dry... but I wake up each morning with a ton of crusty junk on the edges of my eyes and eyelashes. Also during the day I constantly have to wipe my eyes as if I am crying (in fact have a raw spot on the outside of eyes - like when your nose gets raw from blowing it when your sick)... yet thy feel super dry and painful.

    Does this sound like Sjogrens?
    Scott Zashin, MD replied to a1poll3o's response:
    In many patients, cinnamon can be drying to the mouth..
    Autoimmunegirl1967 responded:
    I wondered what was going on
    sherrie60 replied to Micheleakron's response:
    I'm also on Evoxac and it has been wonderful! I teach nursing and it was a challenge talking for long periods of time. Just sipping water does not "fix" the problem. The first day on the med, I found that I had so much saliva, I felt like I was drooling!!! I love it!

    singingbear responded:
    I have not noticed any problems with mouth dryness but I do get a lot of goop in the corners of my eyes and I have had a lot of trouble with my nose and sinuses feeling super dry. It has even effected my sense of taste and smell. The nose trouble started right around the same time as the joint stiffness in my knees. Can this possibly be caused by Sjogrens or RA in general? I don't know whether to discuss it with my Rheumatologist or and Ear nose and throat specialist.
    Scott Zashin, MD replied to a1poll3o's response:
    Some experts feel this spice may cause an increase in dryness.
    Scott Zashin, MD replied to mybuddyrobin's response:
    Not sure. May want to visit an opthamologist to see if you could have some other issue causing your symptoms.
    Scott Zashin, MD replied to JoyfulinOklahoma's response:
    I am very sorry-
    Just saw this one( from one year ago). Many patients with Sjogrens do not use Restasis,nor does it help everyone. If there is a question, consider getting an evaluation with a corneal specialist who has expertise in the treatment of dry eyes.Hope you are doing ok.
    santabarbara4u responded:
    Yes, my RA created a dry eye problem for me also. Interestingly, my RA doctor did not inform me of this possible RA symptom, it was my opthamologist who alerted me. I now have dissolvable plugs inserted into tear ducts every 2-3 months and also use over-the-counter eye drops. I'm doing MUCH better but still cannot wear my contacts. Darn.
    An_253503 replied to a1poll3o's response:
    I take Cinnamon daily and it helps me with my RA and my doctor says it is fine.

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    Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
    Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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