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    Shoes for RA and fibromyalgia
    Fabulousfb posted:
    I have both RA and fibromyalgia, and both affect my feet. I have most of my pain in the first joint of my toes and the balls of my toes. Fortunately, I don't suffer from planter's faciatis. After trying a pair of Point Blank Skecher's shoes at an outlet store, I knew I had found the right brand of shoes for myself. They were so comfortable, and I now have at least 10 different styles of Skechers, many in multiples of different colors. I do have to put different insoles in some, and wear none in some. They are all from the Skechers "Biker" collection, which all have the same type of sole like a sneaker, which is rubberlike and very "sure-footed", which is great for me, as I have had a few falls, one of which really screwed up my left knee permanently. The tops of the shoes go from casual "feminine" sneakers- the Point Blank sneakers to dressy gladiator sandals to dressy black "ballet" type shoes. You would never know they have a sneaker-type sole and have only a 1/2 heel, if even that. I love the fact that they don't look like orthopedic shoes at all. And I have no problem with them being "flats", since I gave up on heels many years ago. I feel like I've reached a happy medium. The only drawback is that I have to order most of them on-line and tho' I normally wear a size 8, I have every size between a 7 and an 8.5, depending on the shoe. But if you shop around on-line, you can get some great discounts and some companies have free shipping and free returns, which really makes it alot easier and cheaper for me. The average price I pay is around $40, which is very reasonable. I'm not a paid promoter of these shoes, but I should be! I love them, and others are impressed when they see the "sensible" soles on such pretty shoes! I hope this helps, but realize that your feet are going to hurt no matter what when you are on them for awhile. These shoes help make it more bearable for me to walk for longer periods of time.
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    Fabulousfb responded:
    I wanted this tip to be posted under "Best shoes for people with RA", but I hope that people with problems with their shoes and foot pain will find this post as I hope that it will help someone else in their journey to find some relief for their foot pain.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I hope others see it too. When you went to post a tip it automatically began it as its own discussion but that's okay.

    What's clear to me in reading yours and the posts of others on this topic, is that there must be a LOT of people who have problems finding comfortable shoes because there's such a market for 'em.

    Thanks for your tip. I have issues with my feet too (due to Fibromyalgia and other) and am always on the lookout for comfy shoes from people who know my pain.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    d123z responded:
    I also suffer from fibromyalgia and have a hard time finding shoes i can tolerate wearing throughout the day. I recently bought a few pairs of Crocs that look nothing like the typical pair of Crocs. They are really stylish and i get so many complements when i wear them. They have the same soles as Crocs and they are so comfortable! I bought them online at the Crocs website but I've also seen them at the outlet store.
    enithcap replied to d123z's response:

    My name is Enith. I live in Holland, here it is very difficult to find good shoes for people like me (rheumatoid arthritis patient). Do you maybe have some website where I can buy some good shoes?

    Thanks in advance
    rtmoves replied to enithcap's response:
    Hi Enithcap,

    In Holland, there is a shoe company called Durea - they are a great company that still handcrafts theirs shoes. People I know that have them in the states love them and say they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
    rtmoves replied to d123z's response:
    I have RA and i've tried Crocs - not a fan. After a long time of walking in them, I get blisters which is very painful and annoying.

    My most recent purchase was a pair of orthofeet runners - the great thing is they're available in the wide width, have extra depth and also a removable insole so I can use my prescription orthotic.
    vernajane replied to rtmoves's response:
    Hi RT,
    I swear by Easy Spirit 360 with the thick soles. Absolutely love them as they have wonderful shock absorption for my joints but look very stylish as well. These shoes are so comfortable I can walk very naturally and quickly - they are not "tippy" like other shoes with platform type soles. Any other shoe I am hobbling within minutes. I wear a size 5.5 so I must order online. You can also get many of their styles in wide width. Hope this helps.
    lupirhumi replied to vernajane's response:
    You are lucky to have many choices for comfy shoes, i beside the problem with RA pain, ankles knees even hips sometimes in pain too, I am looking for shoes but my shoes size 4, it is very hard to find them, wear children size? They are so girlish, and made with the ver hard material, it hurt just put your feet in. Any suggestions may help, pls I hace one pair of Merryl (?) Size 5 , comfy wearing daily almost 3 yrs, getting worn out soon, I got them at TJ Max for $50.00, not luck for another ones anyway. I also looking for a closed one in case have to dress up, hope to hear more suggestion from you all, thank you

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