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    Are Voices Always Supposed To Be Nasty?
    Anon_124828 posted:
    Is it a normal thing for people who have this condition to always hear nasty type voices? This is starting to sound really fishy to me, especially since these voices say things like I should take my medicine and go to sleep because I'm catholic or I don't believe in Christ or all that good stuff. What makes it worst is that I'm almost always hearing a male and female voice that by the things I hear almost sound if it's trying to make me believe it's Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

    Why would I hear voices that are of such nasty religious nature? Why do I hear voices that tell me that I should take medicine because I'm catholic and I should go to sleep, that I'm garbage or more of that good stuff? I also hear stuff like I'm a Jew and to go to Hell. It's like the devil's sermon.

    I have told my doctor that none of this stuff is coming from me, but no matter how I try, I should believe these are just hallucinations. I'm convinced that all this stuff is probably in the sermons of countless hate filled preachers out there, even though I've never set foot or sat through one of these babies.
    An_241586 responded:
    I grew up catholic and i think there really are bad spirits of sort. the exorcisms i got, i think really did help me when i had them. Then it would get worse again. I am a muslim now. They have a very good explanation. They belive they are real voices. They are called Jinn. They live in a different dimension then us. We were formed of clay and they were formed of fire. They live in another place with families and jobs of their own. Some of them are christian, some (a few) are muslim and like people some are good and some are very very bad. They aren't supposed to be bothering us. The good ones don't bother us and some of the good jinn can help protect us from the bad jinn. I think sometimes, just a personal belief, that because they are made of energy, that energy could be the kind of energy that exists in our brains.I think that some of the meds work somewhat ,and i definetly belive ECT works because, these things alter the brain energy. Illicit drugs, i have never voluntarily taken any, Violence of experience, These things change the avenues of thought direction. Perhaps a bad jinn energy soaks itself into your brain energy and takes residence there. I belive that happened to me. I also had a good jinn I call "Jieffy" who never spoke to me but made me feel protected and safe. Maybe he was the Holy Spirit. ECT worked fantastically as it reduced greatly the tendency to dwell on bad pathways of negative thought 50 times a day. All the sudden all the old happy pathways were open again and free to travel on. I think ECT with its burst of electricity pushes out the bad jinn/s . Its just a theory but i think its as good as any. I got the info about Jinns from an Islamic instructional book, i didn't just make that up. "Jieffy made me aware of what the plans were of the negative jinns. He let me know how they can befriend just to betray. Pestering you to make a friend of you and by doing so take more control until things like cutting or hurting yourself or others seems like the only option, to not obey seems worse after a while. I fortunatly got some good help before things go too bad. I also recommend Zam Zam water. It's the eqivelent of Catholic Holy water for those in the old Covenent
    larsstarscanary responded:
    I had a very hard time with voices. They were nice at first, then became terrifying.

    What helped me was when I finally was able to give myself reality checks and realize that all of those disturbed and disturbing voices were the crazy thoughts in my head.
    Anon_124828 replied to larsstarscanary's response:
    For me every time I happen to walk by a television set or a radio and I hear voices, the way they sound, it's just hard for me to tell myself these are actually not real or fake, made up in my mind.

    These voices I hear sound like another transmission or something, so real and I also hear what sounds like a low frequency radio, or like when I have attempted to transform mono sounds to stereo sounds as well as the frequency in hertz sounds have a strange electronic sound, like high pitched, does not sound pleasing to the ear.

    This happens when the television is playing or the radio. I may not even hear what it's really being said, just what sounds like this other transmission instead of what is going on on television for instance.

    Maybe I should convince myself that this is REALLY in my head but in this day and age, I'm most likely just kidding myself, regardless what anyone tells me.

    SERIOUSLY, let me give an example, are we all supposed to believe that mobile phones are compact magical boxes and nothing more than that? No, of course not.
    larsstarscanary replied to Anon_124828's response:
    I had trouble with the television and radio, myself. It was horrible--psychosis. I was terribly stressed out. I hated the hospital, but there was no place else that was safe for me. I too thought there was magic involved, and also, my soul.

    There came a point when I realized that I could either live my life with the magic and voices all the time, or I could get psychiatric help by working so hard on myself and living a better quality of life with people and dealing with reality as it is. I had a therapist that said working on oneself is the hardest thing I'd ever do, and she was right.

    I also worked on my support system/network--I didn't have one. I still work on it everyday, because I don't want to go back to psychosis.
    Rosie1rich replied to larsstarscanary's response:
    My brother is super smart and I think it is hard to accept any mental illness. He is schizophrenic and paranoid. What helped you to realize you needed your meds?
    Just4u responded:
    Just submit if there is a voice in your head your weak and lost sniff sniff. Fall victim if that's what happens and have fun seeing is believing. Good luck lol
    Anon_124828 replied to Just4u's response:
    Please don't post comments like this. Thank you.

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