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    My gf said I'm paranoid schizophrenia
    An_248914 posted:
    I don't think I'm ,but i have been thinking people has been in my house ,people watching me.I even bought a security camera .we were going to a Dr appoitmint the other day,the car was driving funny so i got out and looked at the tires thought one was bad and i stopped by a tire shop and bought one,there was nothing wrong with tire.Nothing is missing in my house .I'm taking clonazapam for anxiety ,panic attack .Before he gave me those meds he said i might be bipoler .i cannot sleep good ,every time my dog barks i jump up out of the bed to look outside but nothing there.can someone give me there opinion ?
    Fowden responded:
    Take your prescribed meds and see if it helps. If they don't help, go back and see the Doctor again. The problem with psych meds is they're hit or miss. Sometimes it takes a little tinkering with amount and type.
    It took about 1/2 a year for my Doctor to find the right combo for me.
    Best Wishes.
    6626Ben replied to Fowden's response:
    So do you think i'm paranoid schizophrenia ?
    Fowden replied to 6626Ben's response:
    Maybe, just maybe, you could have Delusional Psychosis, but that can only be determined by a psychiatrist. Paranoid Schizophrenia usually is accompanied with bizarre delusions and hallucinations (hearing or seeing things that aren't real). Thinking people are watching your house is not bizarre because it is possible. A bizarre delusion would be more like you think aliens from another planet are controlling your mind.
    The bottom line is I'm not a Doctor. If you want to read up on it, you can look at the Merck Manual (it's also known, amoung clinicians, as the DSM).
    6626Ben replied to Fowden's response:
    bastet responded:
    Researching is what helped me find out what was wrong with me before my doctors did.

    Do plenty of research on psychiatric conditions and medications.

    I had to learn to trust my psychiatrists and therapists/social workers.

    I had to and still have to take my medication religiously--It took about 11 years before they finally got the right combination of medication for me. It was a long time of suffering! but having the right medication is worth it.

    Support groups are really helpful, too. is great--It helped me through the worst of times.

    Having good friends and family that I trust is wonderful, too.

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