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    How to stop the voices in my brothers head
    An_250245 posted:
    My brother has a voice in his head that he calls a telepath, he's called John, he is loud and annoying, we have seen a few doctors but not one of them beleive in telepaths, they say it is schizophrenia , chemical imbalance etc. He has been on a few medications but nothing seem to working, how does he get this voice under control, what medication is recommeded, has anyone had to deal with a telepath.
    bastet responded:
    I notice your post is from 2 months ago. I'm hoping things are okay now. Since I just saw this post, I'm going to treat it as if it is new.

    Does your brother take the medications as prescribed and on schedule? Do you know for certain??

    The voices can be so many things: god/s, devils, aliens, Jesus, authority figures of some kind, etc. As far as I can tell, they are just symptoms.

    When I was dealing with voices, I was in another world--I was not totally present in this world and very vulnerable. I was given medication that I came to take as prescribed and on schedule with positive results.

    Also, to break away from the voices, I had to give myself reality checks, and that was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. I still have to give myself reality checks.

    I have friends who take medication, but not on schedule, they sleep all day, some even 18 or more hours a day, don't cook, don't eat right, don't stay hydrated, don't bathe, don't clean their clothes, isolate, don't go out, don't exercise, don't communicate and socialize, withdraw from their hobbies, don't see their medical doctor, etc, and are too afraid to trust a mental health professional to assist them, so they don't get help.

    Some drink, which they should not do with medication. Some smoke incessantly. (And other people with mental illness that I've encountered, boast that illegal substances help them better than medication--But in reality, they are not being helped, and are harming themselves.)

    They seem to interact only with the voice/s. Some of them just barely function.

    It's not an easy thing to escape.

    Medications vary by individual. It took 10 to 11 years of me suffering before they finally got my medication right.

    I hope your brother can get help. For me and almost all of my friends, hospitalization gave us the ability to get the help we needed in a limited atmosphere--Too much was/is going on in our heads--Even though we weren't fond of being hospitalized, in the hospital, we were able to delete many of the external variables...

    I hope you can attend support groups, such as the ones provides, for people who are dealing with a person who has a mental illness.

    When your brother is stabilized, he might look to for support, as well.

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