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    jpslayne posted:
    Ok, I am a current schizophrenia patient. I have been going to a new counsellor for my treatment while on my medication. They ask me my symptoms and then tell me that i am not schizophrenic. they claim i may have been misdiagnosed but at the same time i fit around 65% of the symptoms. What could be the problem here i wish i could per se know what the heck is wrong with me to where i can live a more stable life and to be a better parent to my son. Any advice/input on this situation. As a heads up i have not exactly let them into my delusions due to the medications actually letting me have moments of claritry. however i have had a plan set up on paper for the last 6 years on how to rule the world by a non violent means and how to achieve this goal.

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    bastet responded:
    I can only say that when I reveal my psych issues to my therapist/s, doctor/s, groups, etc, I feel better because they are able to help me stay grounded.

    I hope you have a mental health team you can trust, and that you can tell them everything.
    Anon_124828 responded:
    I would not agree that you have schizophrenia unless you are actually hearing voices and having visions, but I'm not a doctor so this is just my opinion. As for wanting to rule the world, plenty of people have thoughts like that, store managers, presidents, dictators and nobody says they're crazy. You're probably only crazy if you don't go through with it.
    bastet replied to Anon_124828's response:
    Not all schizophrenics hear voices and have visions.
    Anon_124828 responded:
    To me schizophrenia is a disease of feeling watched more than anything and voices and such things might evolve from that initially but it might depend. Looking back there probably is some truth to that in every schizophrenic.
    pixe5 responded:
    Without knowing a whole lot about you I certainly cannot answer the poll. However it is not always easy to make a precise diagnosis because symptoms can overlap. Major depression and bipolar disorder can have symptoms similiar to schizophrenia but are usually related to the mood swings. I have only had psychosis symptoms (being out of touch with reality) when I have been in a deep depression. Others may have symptoms when they are manic.

    There is also something called schizoaffective disorder which is a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder. The way it differs from what I already mentioned is that the schizophrenic symptoms are the primary symptoms and the mood symptoms are secondary.

    Since you say that your medication is causing you to have moments of clarity then that may be an indicator that your diagnosis is correct.

    In order to get the correct diagnosis though you have to be completely honest with your doctor. It took years for me to get the right diagnosis, partly because I was not forthcoming with all my symptoms. There are diagnostic techniques such as brain scans which can give a precise diagnosis but not many doctors are using them. So it is really an educated guess by the doctor. You might want to ask your doctor exactly what criteria he used to determine your diagnosis.

    As far as your plan it would be best to show it to your doctor for evaluation. He would have experience in how to differinciate between normal writing and schizophrenic writing.
    jpslayne responded:
    Thank you all for your opinions. I have since gotten my diagnoses clarified from my mental health team. I am schizophrenic with antisocial personality and borderline personality disorder. I also have been diagnosed with PTSD and bipolarity. I'm kind of a mental health professionals nightmare (or dream) as I am on a large regimen of medications just to be able to go to work daily. However my disability is not a crutch but a motivational tool to me to prove the people who say that people with a high amount of psychosis cannot function in the real world.

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