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    CHELLEW65 posted:
    Does anyone experience at night mostly hallucinations like something touching you when lying in bed. When im awake usually in the evenings I will see like shadows and feel like presences in the room with me.
    psychochild123 responded:
    i sort of do. i hear things like a voice laughing and i see big spots of colors floating around and stuff like that sometimes.
    CHELLEW65 replied to psychochild123's response:
    I have been one to hear like people i knew were in anouther room or upstairs literally talking bad things about me but they claim that in actuality that they may have not at all even mentioned my name. I havent heard something laugh or taunt me close when no one is present or close to me. have you been diagnosed as schizo - efffective? That with the bi - polar with sever mood swings and the ptsd is what i am dealing with as a diagnosis. Thank you for responding. no one else has and I was starting to think I am all alone witth this. Thank you.
    larsstarscanary responded:
    You certainly aren't alone. On the bipolar exchange you will probably find more people who will reply--There's someone now who is talking about hallucinations.

    Does your doctor say that you've been having hallucinations? (From what you described above, it sounds like you are just self-conscious) Anyway, I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, too. I've had hallucinations and delusions. I have to take meds and go to group and individual therapy. It's not easy. And you have PTSD on top of that--It's even harder.

    I hope you feel better.
    CHELLEW65 replied to larsstarscanary's response:
    rhank you for your advice:)
    writerunleashed replied to CHELLEW65's response:
    You are really not alone. I'm starting to hear things and see bugs that I know are not there. I'm really scared about it too. at night its even worse..i'm actually going to tell my mom and psychiatrists about it in our next session....So you are not alone what so ever.
    fhardesty replied to writerunleashed's response:
    i have been rescently dienosed bipolor, pariniod scysiphrinic, ptss, with suicidal tendencies they all run in my family on both sides my uncle had his first break when i was 8 i just turned 36 my ex husband swares i had a nervous break down but when he went to my family to get me help my family said i was just throwing a fit and i would get over it my big ? is this i talk to myself i guess you could say i try to predict what people are going to say to me before i really talk to them because i am scared to death to be yelled at it has even gotten to the point i think i am goin mad ?? is this common ?? it has affected my sleep eating habits and i have even isolated myself
    larsstarscanary replied to fhardesty's response:
    I can relate to what you have described.

    Can you go back to the person who gave you the diagnoses?
    IrwinsLady replied to writerunleashed's response:
    CHELLEW65, if it helps any im SchizoAffective Bipolar 1 type and i get hallucinations all the time. i was misdiagnosed with psychosis and when i switched doctors he got it right.
    An_235774 replied to larsstarscanary's response:
    I have a question for sister is in her mid 40's and she has been hallcunating. For example she constantly says that my mom and/or my dad( who are in their 70's) are purposlyu damaging her car...or someone is putting bugs in her room...almost everyday she's saying things like this. She hasnt been diagnoised and hasnt gone to see a Dr. but we know something is wrong and we dont know what to do! She doesnt work thus no are your thoughts?
    formysista replied to IrwinsLady's response:
    my sister (who is in her mid-40's) is experiencing some of the same things (thinking someone is "messing" with her car or putting bugs in her room...thinks there are cameras in my parents home (where she lives) she constantly thinks we are doing things to her etc., this is almost daily she has never been diagnosed (wont go to Dr ) she doesnt work thus no med. insurance...we know something is wrong but we dont know what to do....anyone got any advice?!
    IrwinsLady replied to formysista's response:
    convince her because my paranoia gets that bad if i miss some doses of meds.

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