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    connection with schizophrenia and BATH SALTS
    An_215658 posted:
    my friend is hearing voices and it has to be from the bath salts. is it schizophrenia? and what are his treatment options?
    larsstarscanary responded:
    I don't think salt causes schizophrenia, or I would have had triggered it from swimming in the salty ocean...
    larsstarscanary responded:
    I recently heard that there were some tainted "bath salts" that did strange things to people--I'm going to google it and see what I can find.

    They weren't really bath salts at all.
    larsstarscanary responded:
    It turns out that what people thought were ordinary bath salts were really not bath salts, and instead, powdered synthetic cocaine. This was in the news here in NY.

    Did your friend come in contact with powdered synthetic cocaine?
    gottoknownow responded:
    how old is your friend and when did he start hearing voices? my brother was full blown schizophrenia and i witnessed alot for 30 years 5 of which were every day for hours. i have my experiences with to me the worst disease a person should have to life with for there whole lifes with. he pasted away now but i loved him very much and we were very close and only 11 months apart in age. if you ever want to through something you might have a ? about feel free,
    Cbruce2005 responded:
    My friend tried bath salts when he was 20 years old and became a schizophrenic immediately after. His first and last time trying it landed him strapped down to a bed for hours in the hospital. Then he was taken to a psychiatric facility against his will.

    He stayed there for about 2 months. My other friend and I visited him a few times, and he just wasn't the same. He was constantly hearing voices through out those two months, having hallucinations, and his thought process was just screwed up.

    He was only able to leave the psychiatric facility because he stopped talking about what he was seeing and what he was hearing.

    He was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and to this day is not 100%. We do not know if it was in his genetics to become a schizophrenic, or if the bath salts made him into one.

    If you care about having your sanity, and a sound mind, stay away from this devilish drug.
    An_246289 replied to Cbruce2005's response:
    My "ex" tried bath salts last yr in Sept/Oct and has not been the same since. From what I have read I believe he is schizophrenic. He had and still has hallucinations and hears things and is sure me and others close to him are just lying to him. He thinks so many horrible things about me, says I have cheated on him and cause him to leave our home because I have "people in our house". None of it makes sense and he is so deteminded when he's explaining it anyone. I try to convince him to get help but me telling him in his eyes is like steering the guilt for what i've done wrong. I can only pray for him and hope someone else will reach out to tell him to get help. It hurts to know my hands are tied in helping the man I love, he has completely changed as a person. I would never imagine our relationship would end this way and hate to know he's in the world in this state of mind.
    26annag replied to An_246289's response:
    have been on bath salts off and on for the past 2yrs, and my boyfriend has been nonstop addicted until he got incarcerated and rehabilitated, turns out he was so bad off on bath salts,he says his mind literally created another person who he says was just as real as you and i sitting next to him , he would have conversations with this person his mind created and this person would actually tell him things that he didnt know, that was true,and he had no way of knowing those things, and never fully understands this. (for ex. fight club?) bath salts is a crazy demonic drug. STAY AWAY!
    lafarfalla responded:
    My boyfriend of 5 years had previously had some minor mental health issues...depression, some substance abuse, ADHD. He had been doing quite well when he started using bath salts. He became delusional, experienced dark, frightening hallucinations, and went from being a very rational, logical person to having confused and scattered thinking. He stopped taking them after 5 months, but he has never been the same since, and now is diagnosed with schizophrenia / schizoaffective disorder. Three years later, he has been struggling on a daily basis with voices and impaired thinking / functioning. He is heavily medicated, but I believe that there are better long-term solutions out there with more holistic and regular treatments, diet, etc. I wish we had urged him to seek immediate treatment at a treatment center, because his thinking was so impaired that it took him years to even begin to be somewhat capable of managing his mental health ad going to doctors regularly again.

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