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    in memory of a friend (trigger)
    slik_kitty posted:
    i don't know if anyone remembers sarah_smiles. i just found out that she passed away. her heart gave out. she suffered alot in her life, but she kept going. life wasn't easy for her. she was my friend. we grew apart as the years passed. i am sorry for that. i now truely understand that her hospitals down there really sucked. between two er visits, she may have suffered a stroke. on her last er visit they said she was fine and changed her antidepressant, now she is dead.

    i hope she is finally happy. i hope she is free of pain, both physically and emotionally. i hope she has finally found her peace. rest in peace my sweet friend. i wish we hadn't grown apart. i still love you though. i will miss you. you are now finally free. :~(
    Off_The_Wall responded:
    Oh my gosh! I can't believe this! I'll have to post again later when I even know what to say.
    washedaway responded:
    Thanks for letting us know.

    I'd actually just been wondering where she had been since the switch over

    (((hugs))) :'(
    TheSullenGirl responded:
    I have been wondering where she had been. Thank you for telling us. ((hugs))

    ((lights a candle))
    DOGDANCING responded:
    No tears. Imagine her slipping from her chair running free, her legs strong and her lungs taking deep breaths. Snapping out a blanket to lay in the spring sun with her beloved babies at last.

    No tears. B can no longer hurt her.

    No tears. Someone will find her poetry and her words will not be forgotten. I have some and I carry it forward on into the future. She will touch others long after she is gone.

    No tears, she awoke to no pain.

    No tears....just a thankful feeling I got to walk with her for many years.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thank you for letting us know, Slik kitty. I am sorry for your loss and for the loss to all here. (((((softhugs)))))

    lovelylemontree310 responded:

    Kitty, I know this must be very hard for you. But I do agree with Paja... Sarah's able to walk now and take deep breaths and laugh. I wish the best for her and peace for you.


    slik_kitty replied to lovelylemontree310's response:
    thanks guys. i know that she is finally free of her earthly pains. she can walk and run and be with her babies. she is in a better place now. still sad though, because she was my friend.
    jankearney123 replied to slik_kitty's response:

    sincerely sorry for your loss. Yes i remember her. Hugs if ok.
    Missy60173 responded:
    I will miss you. I hope that you are at peace. You were a blessing in my life. My dear sweetpie rest in peace.
    penguie responded:
    gasp! oh dear, she was such a sweetie
    so very sad though I hope she is in peace now
    Headline responded:
    Kitty, thank you for letting us know this painful news. :(

    It's sad to think of how much Sarah had to go through, and how much of a loss so many of us are feeling here on the board... but I believe that she is, as you said Kitty, free now. I believe she's able to enjoy being free from pain and to fully sense the love that her friends have for her.

    I hope all of us on the board who knew and counted Sarah as a friend are being gentle with ourselves in grief. The wonderful thing about a support system like this is, when there is a time to cry, none of us has to cry alone.
    lostkate responded:
    slik_kitty, I am so so sorry for your loss. I have read many of sarah's posting and know you were a good friend to her, like many on this board. Hugs, if ok.

    snowyowl33 responded:

    I remember her posts as well, and am so sorry for the loss of your friend.... Big hugs....

    Paja what your said was so lovely and soothing for all... thank you!

    ZeldaAlone responded:
    Thank you for letting us know, Slik.

    I honestly don't know what to say.

    ((((((hugs all around))))))

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