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    shingles and i have em trigger
    bubbles_bobble posted:
    no wonder i have been getting worse and worse and feel horrid and have the runs etc etc etc. its all from the shingles and the pain well its just begun.
    ya';; talk care pf each other i might not be around to much

    huggers to each o fyopu
    One day at a time
    friedeggs responded:
    oh, so sorry to here that, i hope you get well soon, not to worry you know that we all be here for you when you get back. we will all be sitting beside you comforting you
    Healthy relationship ingredients: Love without fear. Trust without wondering. Be there without restrictions. Accept someone without wanting to change them...
    Kate_Te replied to friedeggs's response:
    BB -
    I'm so sorry. I hope if there is such a thing as a mild case of shingles, it's what you have. I hope you remember the amount of love coming your way from here when you are going through the pain. We love you & wish we could do more to help.
    MandyCake responded:

    Do take care... Shingles are just horrid. I hope you were given something to help with the pain and that you heal quickly.

    Love to you,
    I have acheived my dream of being a kyte, for a single day, riding the wind. The anchors that held me down lifted... I was set free.. Now my journey of healing is possible. Gra' Bonnie
    lexismom11 responded:
    I had shingles once. It's not a fun illness. I do hope you get better real soon and that your doc gave you some meds.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi BB,

    Click here to read a long discussion on handling shingles pain. Get yourself to get to the last page as a member just recently posted how she handles it. Maybe it will help.
    You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
    ~Christopher Robin to Pooh
    slik_kitty responded:
    hope it goes away soon. hugs
    bubbles_bobble replied to slik_kitty's response:
    thanks all now the meds to help with the lessions are giving me a majore headache. my doc allowed me to have 3 pain pills a day for a aweek untill she gets my urine test back in a week. and ihave to do weekly urine tests. goodie! i told her i had a glass of wine at thanksgiving. its weird she said my last pain pill test didn't show i had any pain pills in my system! Weird! ok i'm noddin off so i'm gonna go now and it hurts to type.
    One day at a time
    lexismom11 replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
    The best thing to do is to lay down and rest as much as you can right now. Keep taking the pain pills as the doctor tells you to take them. Hopefully that will help. Hope you feel better soon.

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