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    lets do a roll call
    friedeggs posted:
    lets see who is still out there, where our family here is, share the way you plan to stay warm the cold snap.please share a fun thing that happened here only family here would know so that we know you are who say you are
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    off_the_wall responded:
    Temps are in the 60s here so I guess to keep warm I just wear long sleeves and pants.

    I remember once we created a funny story about a leprechaun. Don't remember anything more about the story, only that I thought it was pretty funny.

    I also used to like when Paja would start those threads where you told 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie and everyone had to guess which was the lie.
    Kate_Te replied to off_the_wall's response:
    I'm hoping to be in the hospital for the cold snap (lol). But stay inside no matter what & leggings, leggings, leggings!

    My memory sucks, but I remember OTW poting pics of P on her last birthday. They both looked very happy!

    I also remember Paja starting her blog.
    lostkate responded:
    Today was in the 40's, then the temps drop to the 20's rest of the week until the weekend.

    I am still here but not so often, it troubles me to see so much unrest here, now you need to know if Im who I say I am. I have always been Kate, lost but Kate. The colorful smiley face characters that make me smile when they see them, the silliness and fun you guys do with those smiley guys crack me up. It always brighten my day.

    sittingbull594 replied to lostkate's response:
    hi. today it was 60! You would know me cuz me and kitty live very close to each other! in the same state. Different towns but within a half hour of each other! we even have met and had coffee and lunch.
    also this is my third identiy. this time i willnot ever reviel my real name.
    lovely_lemon_tree replied to sittingbull594's response:
    It's going to be super cold here... tonight, the town I used to live in is expected to have windchills of -35 to -40 degrees Farenheit (and Celsius!! That's where they meet)!! We are only going to have windchills of -20 F or so. I am pulling out the long johns (that don't fit anymore) and leggings to wear under my fleece pants and I will be holing up in my apartment and only going out when necessary (like today).

    I remember the horrendous fight we all had back in March that ended with Jen leaving. I still wonder about her. I remember that she was engaged to a guy from Australia.

    I remember our old friend Kim, who struggled very hard and turned it all around. She's in the hospital now but she has made such an all-around recovery.

    I remember our friends Beej, Kate (both of ya!), Paja, and I remember Sitting Bull's former identity (-ies).
    We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
    friedeggs replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    to everyone that is enjoying the warm weather, can you mail us some please.ha ha.
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    off_the_wall replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    I wonder about Jen too and miss her. Wish she hadn't left.
    slik_kitty replied to off_the_wall's response:
    i'd forgotten about those truth and lie posts. those were fun.

    yes sb and i live close to each other. we are now basking in warm temps with the sun shining, but i can hear the wind blowing hard outside. we did the sub zero temps for a week and then sent them out east for the rest of you to enjoy.
    lovely_lemon_tree replied to slik_kitty's response:
    Thank you, Kitty, that was very kind of you. I plan to hole up in my apartment and hide from the cold and just go out when absolutely necessary. I would like to go out when it's not single digits for the highs.
    We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
    butterflykiss responded:
    7 above zero here and lovely.

    My bedroom is done in butterflies to remind me of everyone here. We had a spa-day b'day party for a moderator. I have a cat who is as sweet as cake.

    I shall not use my name or reveal any personal info but you all know me.
    Amach As An Dorchadais. (Irish for: Out of the Darkness.)
    friedeggs replied to butterflykiss's response:
    welcome butterfly kiss , sounds really cold out where you are
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    lostkate responded:
    Everyone needs to stop changing their names, it gets very confusing for me, once I get to know who is who I get all confused on some of the posting after the names have been changed. Its hard to keep track sometimes. It must be my age. LOL
    friedeggs replied to lostkate's response:
    hi kate is really good to see. as far as the name changes some of it couldnt be helped, there have been issues with some people and there privacy being broken causing the need to do ir, if you listen to the words you know who is who
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    rugger1369 replied to friedeggs's response:
    hi everyone- great to see friends coming back and hanging out! I tend to drift on and off of here, trying to stick to it this time around. but i recently came back amidst all the trouble. and have also joined the medhelp page too.

    it is around 30F here, supposed to get to the teens during the night. I got the heat up at home and at work around 70! and I like to wear my slippers, they are covered in cupcakes

    with love

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