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    I'm so frustrated
    off_the_wall posted:
    Just sitting here crying. My baby had an ultrasound at 9 a.m. on her kidneys and the radiologist wouldn't tell me ANYTHING. She said I would have to wait for her to send the results to my pediatrician and then the pediatrician's office would call me later today. I have called the pediatrician office and they just said they would leave a note for the nurse to call me.

    On top of that, despite the fact that I've cut dairy and soy from my diet, my daughter is still not sleeping, is super fussy, and having bloody stools. I want to go on a total elimination diet to determine what she's allergic to but my pediatrician doesn't seem familiar with this and all the information I've found online states different things so I don't even know where to begin.

    Just so stressed and crying. I need a break. God please.
    sittingbull594 responded:
    im really sorry honey! that's really super super hard! I don't know why they do that sorta thing and just don't give the results to you but they always beg off and say that sorta thing!

    soo sorry!!

    I will say really good good prayers (((((((((((((((((((OTW)))))))))))))))))))


    Life sure can be hard that's for sure. I finally am getting a script for and hopefully that will calm me down!

    Perhaps you will have such good luck with your daughter and for yourself. Remember to breath.

    God Speed ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))

    I don't know why we have such struggles in our lives but I do know that there are lessons to be learned for me. They say that when you start getting the lessons you get wisdom?????

    I love you.. Take good care honey!!
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    damn those doctors for torturing you. That's not nice at all.
    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    off_the_wall replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
    SB and DDT, thank you sooo much for caring. Doctor finally called late this afternoon and her kidneys are looking less enlarged so good news there. I also talked to him about eliminating possible allergens in my diet through a total elimination diet and so starting Monday I will only be eating sweet potatoes, potatoes, turkey, rice, and pears for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks I will add 1 new food ever 4 days and keep a journal as to how she reacts to them.

    I know this is going to be really hard. But seeing her bleeding, in pain, and neither of us sleeping is making me severely depressed so I've got to try something.

    Trigger below ________________________________

    I cut myself this afternoon. First time in a long time and I feel awful about it and at the same time want to do more. Grrr....
    penguie replied to off_the_wall's response:
    sittingbull594 replied to penguie's response:
    you'll be surprised otw that two weeks goes by really quickly. I had to do this elimination thing too when I had the grain allergy but didn't know what it was. You know what?? Cooking ground turkey with a little bit of pear juice is really good!!

    I know prob sounds gross but I really liked it! I had forgotten about the good ole elimination diet. If I can do it I know you can!

    I'm so sorry you had to cut but I want to give you a HUGE HUG!!


    hearing my t's voice speaking to you brings comfort to me even!

    It sounds encouraging about E's test! More good things your way girl YOUR DUE! as I watch the sun go down behind the trees I am calmed and feel an even bigger hug coming oN!


    I'm really sorry ya'll goin thru this. Be good to you as best you can.
    rugger1369 replied to sittingbull594's response:
    all the best to you and your daughter OTW. you are taking the best steps forward for her and your family.

    You are an amazing mommy!!!
    off_the_wall replied to sittingbull594's response:
    Thank you Penguie, SB, and Rugger!

    If it were just 2 weeks it wouldn't be so bad. The thing that stresses me out about it is after the 2 weeks you only get to add one new food back into your diet every 4 days so it just feels like it would be months before my diet gets anywhere close to being normal. But, I'll do it for my baby. I feel selfish continuing to eat as I please while she's in pain.

    I'm going to need a lot of support though so thank yall in advance!
    katenewbie replied to off_the_wall's response:
    You have my unending support. I am proud of you for making this sacrifice for your daughter's health. I'm sorry you had to "do the deed" recently, but you have been under tremendous stress since E was born.
    Much Love & Big Hugs to you.

    off_the_wall replied to katenewbie's response:
    Thank you so much, Kate_Te.

    Here is my little angel this morning. She is soooo worth it all.

    Sent this pic to my brother (who has pretty much never said a nice thing to me in my life) and SIL and both messaged back saying she looks just like me, which felt really nice to hear.
    off_the_wall replied to off_the_wall's response:
    I probably shouldn't post pics of my girls and then say something negative about a family member because if a family member were to ever see this, I'm sure it would hurt some feelings. I didn't mean anything bad by that, it's just the way my brother is. I love him even if he doesn't always have a lot of compliments to hand out to others and because of that, what he said made me feel great because I know he's the type of person who doesn't just say something without really meaning it.

    Feeling paranoid.....
    sittingbull594 replied to off_the_wall's response:
    well ....... I know I feel paranoid a lot too. my pdoc said its part of bpd. not my other illness.

    She is so totally sweet. Man her and P could be exacto twins! had they had been born at the same time. As it is when they grow up I wonder how easy it will be to tellthem apart??

    It really is hard to do elimination diets and then only be able to put back a food every couple of days. Did they tell you not to add back processed foods?? only things that are pure and not a lot of stuff in it. Man I feel for you. My kids were around 10 & 12 when I had to be grain free except corn and rice were ok for me. I did end up cooking totally different and they did eat stuff I ate but I had to learn to cook totally different.

    It is hard but it's also so rewarding when you get that new food back in after what seems like forever! That is huge to us humans! I think its SO STUPENDOUS SO GREAT that you are doing this for E! For this mothers day I wish you the best ever! You already have adoration from husband and daughters and us here and i'm sure many more in your life.

    Remember to keep taking one step in front of the other.....
    I'm with ya! ((((((((((((((((((((((((OTW))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hubby))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I forgot his name

    God speed. Have a good weekend. (remember when you start adding things in...... you need the greens and fibers so your system cleans out in the morning.... I'm again really sorry you're going thru this! That lil baby is ssooooooooooooooooooooo worth it! an d soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are you!

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