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    Protected sex with stripper - chances of catching STD or herpes?
    An_244930 posted:
    Went to a friend's birthday party Friday night that resulted in going to a strip club. I got very drunk. Within that drunken/stupid state, the stripper 1) kissed me for a couple of seconds (tongue), 2) performed oral on me with a condom on, 3) removed the condom for a 10-15 second hand job, 4) put the condom back on and had intercourse (although honestly it never even felt like I was inside of her as I had trouble getting it up), and 5) gave me her breast to kiss for a few seconds. After I ejaculated, the condom (which was still in tact from the looks of it) was thrown away. She took a tissue to wipe my genital area. I put my pants back on, and walked out. This happened about 40 hours ago.

    I am scared to death that I caught an STD/STI or herpes. I have been told that getting an STD or HIV through protected oral/intercourse is damn near impossible, but that herpes (oral and genital) is of greater risk whether a condom was used or not.

    Based on the experience of people on this site, what are the chances of me getting HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, herpes, HPV,HSV-1/2, etc, based on this incident? How long should I wait to get tested for it? Am I currently at risk of infecting anyone around me at this point (i.e. if I tongue kissed someone today would it be harmful to the other person, or if I kissed my niece on the cheek would it be harmful, or shook anyone's hand, etc)? If symptoms don't occur within the first two weeks is there a pretty good chance nothing will happen? I have never taken an STD or HSV test before so whether anything would have come up positive prior to this is unknown. Should I take all the tests now, and then retake them in 3-4 months?

    Some of these questions may sound stupid, and I apologize for that, but I am new to this and scared. Please help!
    blake_valentine responded:
    My take...the only risky action of the ones you list is #4. And even that, since you were wearing a condom, is fairly low risk. I wouldn't sweat it. You might get herpes simplex from the kiss, if you didn't have it already, but there's not much you can do about that now. Live and learn -- no more strippers....
    fcl responded:
    Ditto what PP said. BTW, herpes is transmitted via skin-to-skin contact which is why, even with a condom, there is a risk of catching it.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    jss123 responded:
    I agree with Blake_Valentine. Your chances are low of catching something. Especially as you used a condom throughout.

    I reckon as she used a condom with you and didn't perform the oral sex without one either, she is worried about catching something as well making it even more unlikely you caught something doing this.

    If you're still worried, have a STI/HIV test to reassure yourself. The cost is worth the peace of mind you'll get from knowing you're OK.

    I've had a HIV test (a rapid test) recently. It took about 10 minutes to get the results back. They just pricked my finger to do it. Don't feel embarrassed either clinics do these tests all the time.
    hairyd responded:
    The stupid part is YOU getting drunk. The second error was her puting the same condom back on. If it was a small condom on a big penis there could be damage. Most woman in the business are going to be clean. How many of your friends that night also did her. Are they clean? Have they been checked?
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    An_244930 replied to blake_valentine's response:
    Oh trust me, I am never drinking again much less going to a strip joint. Some times you have to do something stupid to learn a lesson, and man, I learned a very valuable lesson. Five minutes of sex is not worth what will likely be months of anxiety for me (and hopefully nothing more).

    Thanks for the response. Other websites have basically told me the same thing. Another site told me to not even bother getting tested as it was a very low risk encounter (and no risk for HIV/STD since an intact condom was used). Regardless, I am going to get tested for the sake of my own sanity and for the safety of anyone I potentially meet in the future. Is this a good timeframe for getting tested (incident occurred around 12:30 am on April 21):

    chlamydia, gonorrhea and NGU testing after 1 week (April 28-beyond)
    syphilis after 6 weeks (June 2nd-beyond)
    herpes (igg), hiv and hepatitis after 4 months (August 21-beyond)

    Am I missing anything? If my time frames are off too, and I can get some of those tests done sooner (or later for better results), please let me know.

    Thanks for all the responses.
    hairyd replied to An_244930's response:
    Time frame is good. But you may check with the medical person. This sex was a stripper using your big penis to entertain the other males. When you have five minutes of good sex. Your comment will be different. After any risky sexual acts; it best to be test. Best to your healthy; keep us posted.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    prettythingsarah replied to An_244930's response:
    I had to wait 3 months after sexual encounter to be tested for hiv/aids. Then I was retested after another 3 months
    fernandov replied to An_244930's response:
    Also get tested for HPV. HPV is much easier to catch from a stripper because it can be transferred from normal skin to skin contact. You could pass HPV on to your spouse/wife and she will get tested positive on pap smear. Certain strains of HPV can lead to cancer in some individuals. So please get tested for HPV as well.
    An_244930 replied to fernandov's response:
    No offense, but I suggest you research stuff like that before posting anything. There are no recommended HPV tests for men available and most sexually active people have it without any symptoms. I would definitely test for it if a test were available for men, but what is the point of even mentioning it if there isn't one? I know I am ranting here, but scare tactics from non-doctors can really damage a site's credibility. If I hadn't researched HPV myself you would have scared the crap out of me for no reason. HPV can be acquired from a stripper or the love of your life. There is no way to be sure and no test (for men) to confirm one way or the other.

    Thanks to everyone else for their contributions. Very helpful.

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