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    My Sex Drive is HIGH hers Very Low
    Computermaniii posted:
    I read this is totally normal... How do I curb mine... Or is this just a act of self control and a bit of self denial that I need to deal with.... We speak daily on this with flirting and the like which she loves to do...
    Eugene2020 responded:
    How do you define "high" and "low"? How many times a week do each of you feel sex is desired or necessary?
    gatm336 replied to Eugene2020's response:
    Based on what I have seen "high" is every day, or at least every other day (but this is not far to the right of the curve for a healthy man.) Low is at most once a week, maybe every other week (but that's also within a standard deviation of the mean for women).

    I also wish there were a way to bring them into synch, but it seems like the distributions of sex drive for men and women are annoyingly out of synch. I.e., unless you are a below-the-mean man with an above-the-mean woman you're in for a frustrating sex life!
    Eugene2020 replied to gatm336's response:
    gatm, thanks for the info on what is perhaps on the high to low range. Regarding the high end, I know a woman that claimed that she was in a two year relationship with a man in his 50's that wanted sex twice a day and on some days it was three times. Wow, now that is what I would consider the high end. Heck, that might be two std deviations from the mean. I would have to wonder if that was a healthy relationship based upon that level of frequency. I would find it even more unusual if that was a mutually desirable frequency for a couple. I would tend to agree that happiness is best found with those couples that are in synch with their level of sex drive.
    misschoochoo responded:
    Many men don't seem to understand that a female's libido can be greatly enhanced by adequate foreplay. I was surprised that, even on a recent women's talk show, there was no mention that foreplay for a woman often starts with a kiss in the morning, a note in one's lunch, a call during the day to discuss a sexual encounter later, doing stuff without being asked (like taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, clearing the table, interacting with the kids, helping to prepare dinner). Men sometimes seem to think that foreplay is just what they do in the 10 minutes before intercourse, or worse, saying "Brace yourself." Libido starts in the mind of the woman. Maybe you don't have to curb your sex drive at all if you understand what real foreplay is.

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