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    Talk Dirty To Me - Do you like to talk to dirty while having sex?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Chrissy suggested this topic for discussion while she is away having fun in the sun and possibly talking......

    Do you like to talk dirty while having sex? Does you partner like it and you don't or vice versa?

    Easy99 responded:
    The spicier, the better
    rhondamay responded:

    No! It seems unnecessary and a bit trashy. I've never experienced it but I think it would be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. I am afraid it would demean the acts that I revere. It is not a religious thing with me but it seems somehow disrespectful.
    Anon_4048 responded:
    Yes. Both my wife and I do it at selected moments during sex. It's odd, but I never thought of it as trashy. It's more fun.
    Anon_176776 responded:
    Yeesss!! My hubby talks dirty to me, it makes me melt and surrender closer into his arms, especially when he's looking into my eyes and asking me questions that I love to answer.. I forget about everything, it's our world only.
    1957hank responded:
    We have been married for 35 years and havent done it yet. I dont think my wife would like it. Heck, we dont talk about sex at all whether before, during or after. I am certain that sounds bit different. Yes, I would like to try it (or anything new) but that could bring up a lot a problems
    Anon_3001 replied to 1957hank's response:
    I don't know if this counts as talking "dirty", but early on when our relationship got sexual, we decided to use the commonly used crude terms when we talk about sex acts and body parts to each other. She can refer to her vagina and breasts when she talks to her doctor, but with me we use the p or c words and the t word, and we suck or f--- each other. We don't use any of these words with anyone else. It has worked for us.
    barryjsmith replied to Easy99's response:
    clearly everything one can do in order to make it better not only for your partner but you should be done. god know we should enjoy life and the experience of sex every time we do it and can do it. most fun is the "theatre of the mind" and going places that will only excite one more and more. find someone who enjoys life and wants more would be the goal here.
    DSalandia responded:
    My common law wife Shilpa Sheevam loves to have dirty talk while making love. Sex becomes more spicy as we say in our south american culture.
    iceechic responded:
    Yes!!! I talk dirty to him, and he talks dirty to me! Its a huge turn on!
    sukena responded:
    yes he asks me to call my BIL name and he calls my sisters name.
    Sometimes he changes roles
    An_246482 responded:

    Yes,My wife and I both have used dirty talk during sex with one another. I think it is a huge turn on to suck and f---, and all the
    other terms that go with being turned on. We both come from
    traditional Christian families that never use these slang words.
    This may sound crazy, but sometimes I think it is a wonderful feeling just to get to get to yell out the f---- word just because
    we never could even think about saying that word growing up.
    gem722 responded:
    Yes, we do talk dirty to each other while having sex. It lets each other know we are enjoying it and seems to heightens the excitement.

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