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    Is he too big for me?
    An_248115 posted:
    Hi, I'm quite a small person. I'm 5'1" and am approximately 103lbs. I started seeing this guy and we are now sexually active. When he revealed "himself" I was quite large. Which scares me. I have been raped by a man that was well-endowed and am scared of the pain. He can enter me with about half an inch left before I feel it hitting a "wall" and an uncomfortable pressure.

    Is there something wrong with me? Apparently he likes "rougher" sex and I don't because of the experience I've had in the past.
    georgiagail responded:
    It is unlikely that he is too large for you. After all, the vagina is able to expand to expell a baby during childbrith. It's doubtful he's a large as a newborns head.

    More than likely your fear of pain from your previous rape and the idea he likes "rougher" sex work together to cause this difficulty.

    Because of the above, he may not be the sexual partner for you.

    blake_valentine responded:
    Have you told him about your experience, and basically what you just told us? I'm not sure I'd be ready to write him off yet, especially if have a strong connection in other areas. This can be great test of your relationship -- I would level with him if you have not already. A caring, understanding man will have empathy and downshift in his approach to sex. You didn't say how old you both are, but I think especially younger guys often feel that they have to mimic what they see in pornos, so they get a little rough, thinking that's what women want. Tell him exactly how your feeling, make it truly an intimate experience (not just sexually or physically), and see how he responds.

    Also, you needn't be wary of a guy with a big dick on just that basis. A good lover will give you only as much as you can handle -- but again, he has to know what that is,so let him know! Good luck!
    Anon_3001 replied to georgiagail's response:
    A vagina can expand to accommodate a thick cock, but not necessarily be able to accommodate a really long one. If his dick is so long he is hitting her cervix, that could be painful. possibly he could wear some kind of a thick cockring, which would prevent complete penetration.
    hairyd replied to Anon_3001's response:
    Anon 3001 has given the correct information. I am also thick and long. The ring works. But I do not wear it on my finger or dick Therefore it can not always be used. I like to put the whole dick in, but also do not want my ladies in pain the whole time. Therefore I change the deepth of my stokes. Also changing positions. If you sat on him or on the top for some of the time of intercourse it will give yourself a break.

    Explain TO HIM you ALSO like it Hot and Rough. But some of the thirty / sixty minutes should also be soft and loving. Let your vaginal rest a few minutes. Let your tongue and lips work on that Big Penis.Using a lot of salvia will help lube. the vaginal. Sex should be enjoyed by both. Pain and pleasure together feels great..

    Talk about the rape if you feels comfortiable. But if you can put the past behind you; enjoy the future. That ass hole does not need to be remebered. Remember the GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    elle0317 replied to Anon_3001's response:
    Anon_3001, please try to use the proper terminology when referring to body parts. Vulgarity and profanity are not allowed here.
    alantewks replied to elle0317's response:
    I am very large and I've had a number of sexual encounters over the years. Some women were afraid of my size. I learned early on that if you take it slow with plenty of foreplay and use lube there was never a problem. Some women had no problem at all.
    elle0317 replied to alantewks's response:
    Right, the more aroused a woman is the wetter she becomes and the vagina will actually lengthen to accomodate most penis'.

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