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    Virgin Seeking Advice Plz! :)
    HippyShay posted:
    I am 21 and still a virgin. I plan on waiting to get married and have been with my truly supportive bf for 5 years now. While we don't have sex, every so often we still get frisky (who doesn't?!) and he will finger me (I hate that term, but have no other way of describing). It feels AHHH-MAZING. When I try to care for myself however, I just can't seem to make it work. Its like a blockage or something, as I guess I can't figure out how to stimulate myself emotionally or something cause it never feels anywhere near like him. Ive never been able to make myself orgasm. Im not ashamed or embarrassed, and would like to self-grow by learning about my body, but it seems difficult when I cannot reach that satisfaction that everyone speaks so highly of. I'm wondering if getting a vibrator would help. What do you ladies think? Anyone else have this issue? Thanks bunches

    Also, please don't bash me for my decision to remain a virgin. I have been abused on other sites when trying to seek advice for this same question. While sexual status is everyone's personal decision and opinion, my bf and I have found this to be the best way to allow our love, respect, communication and overall relationship to grow rather than be hindered or swallowed by sex. Thank you all for your opinions and assistance
    georgiagail responded:
    You are stimulating your clitoris, correct? And not just fingering your vagina, right?

    Many women find vibrators very useful.

    StacyVaughn responded:
    I have never gotten off by fingering myself, though I have with a partner. I always have to, like Gail suggested, rub my clit. Try using a couple fingers, get yourself going mentally, and rub back and forth, circles, whatever feels good
    Georgia_Peach responded:
    I give you and your bf a lot of credit for understanding and being a virgin. Yes, sex does get in the way of your thoughts and consumes you if you have it too soon in the relationship. CONGRATULATIONS!

    As for the self satisfaction, I do have a BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and love it. I do recommend you buy the most interesting one to you so that you really want to use it. Buy a moisturizer recommended for BOB and try one with a scent. Find a scent that you enjoy with the first smell. Again, you like it you will use it.

    Enjoy and by all means share it with your bf.
    HippyShay replied to Georgia_Peach's response:
    Thank you all for your wonderful support and advice! And thank you Georgia_Peach for your support also, I greatly appreciate it I will certainly be looking into your recommendation and am doing my research thoroughly before making a purchase.
    bob249 replied to HippyShay's response:
    Hitachi Magic Wand

    Once you've mastered it, show your boyfriend.
    (A demonstration is guaranteed to turn him on.)
    longduckdong46 replied to HippyShay's response:
    I find your situation admirable as far as remaining a virgin during this time of instant gratification in society, and the mentality is " if it feels good do it "
    Anyway , the other posters covered the issue of pleasuring yourself.
    So best of luck !

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