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    Pre-Wedding Doubts - Men
    An_249919 posted:
    Dear All,

    I am mid of 20s male very fat my weight is 108 kgs and my height is 5.8 inches.

    I am getting married within 2 months. for the past 2 months i am having this shortness of breath and dizzyness. tested blood and Dr told me that my blood sugar is normal but uric acid is high and doctor told me that but still i have to reduce my weight or else i may get stroke. so doctor suggested me not to eat rice or fatty foods. i am followng that.

    my penis size is 3.75 inches only during erection hope this is lowermost everyone ever heard. is it because of my over mastrubation habit which i had before some months now i am normal.
    my girl friend is thin.

    question here is

    will i be able to give birth to a kid.

    will i be able to satisfy my wife in bed

    will i survive from diabetes if i control my weight.

    will i back to normal like all other mens out there.

    any other suggestions. pls.

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    georgiagail responded:
    1. Since you're a male, giving actual birth is not possible.

    2. Yes

    3. Likely so

    4. Define "normal" in a male

    Your masturbation habits have nothing to do with the size of your penis. If you carry your weight on your abdomen and you reduce this with weight loss you will notice your penis appears longer as it is no longer hidden by the pad of fat known as a "panus".

    jen_19 responded:
    These are a lot of questions you could have asked your doctor. Especially the one about giving birth to a kid, because that differs with every male (although Gail's response makes me laugh (: ). Penis size, uric acid, and weight most likely have nothing to do with it. Just as the masturbation would have nothing to do with your penis size, as Gail had said.

    I personally believe that size doesn't matter. This woman is marrying you, for YOU. I don't know if you're waiting until marriage or something, since you asked the question in a way as saying you don't know if you can please her or not. That's where you'll have to communicate with her. Skill and love overcomes size.

    Yes, you have a better chance of surviving diabetes if you control your weight. You may have to continue dealing with it, and may not have as long of a life as you would have if you never had a chance of diabetes in the first place. But it's never too late to change your life. Becoming healthy is a very smart choice.

    There is no "normal". There are thin men, there are obese men, there are men with small and large and long penises. &Like gail said, and my boyfriend has talked to me about this too, the "panus" would make a difference in length, which is the fat surrounding the base of it.

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