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    I fingered my girl for around an hour and a half. I licked her Vagina for a few seconds but mostly fingered her.
    An_249992 posted:
    It was dark but when I got home I noticed on my hands and pants (where she was rubbing on), there was dark brown spots. I don't believe it is waste, must be blood. So she bled? I hope since I licked it for a bit I am not at risk of something. As I swallowed the blood I am guessing.
    iceechic responded:
    Any time you come in contact with blood you are at risk. But I am confused... you stated in your OP that this was your girl, so I assume your girlfriend. Do you think she has a disease or STD? Is this a new relationship and you have not had sex yet? The blood could either be from her getting ready to start her cycle or just ending it, or possibly from the friction of your finger for that amount of time. There is only one way to check and see if anything was trasmitted to you tho.
    jettagliturbo replied to iceechic's response:
    Hello thanks for replying. Yes it is a nice relationship we have not had intercourse yet. Yes my girl as in my girlfriend obviously ha. I fingered her for a long time and she has not had sexual intercourse for quite some time, neither does she masturbate regularly. So I understand why the blood came in the picture. She does not have a STD I believe she is clean. I don't even think some blood went in my mouth. I think she starting bleeding a bit after I did that as I fingered her more later. I would have tasted it.
    fcl replied to jettagliturbo's response:
    An hour and a half of fingering is quite likely to have caused the bleeding. Just because she wasn't in pain doesn't mean that you didn't either scratch her or rub an area raw enough for it to bleed.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    hairyd replied to jettagliturbo's response:
    If she had been on any part of her cycle. Her body would have had a differant taste and bonquet/ smell. In the future just as you would when having intercource for an hours. You should assist her with wetness. Lick her vaginal more or add salvia to your finger or penis.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    dfromspencer replied to jettagliturbo's response:
    I believe you could have rubbed her raw, or perhaps, scratched her with a fingernail? She could have been on her period? Talk to her, ask her if you hurt her in any way?

    Wishing you all the best!!!

    jettagliturbo replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Hey guys thanks for all your replies! I kind of over reacted (BTW she did not see) I mean in my response. Everything is perfect! What had happened which I forgot since I posted this soooo late at night, she moved while I was doing it to her, that is what caused a bit of bleeding. Funny because when we spoke about it the next day she said "When I went to the bathroom and looked down there I saw it." Everything is cool she has birth control so she does not get periods as she gets really bad periods so, no worries. cheers mates!
    yamibarlow responded:
    Anon_16867 responded:
    rather lick her for a hour and a half and finger her for a few seconds
    iceechic replied to jettagliturbo's response:
    Glad all is well!!

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