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    Will a cock ring help every woman orgasm?
    misschoochoo posted:
    My fiance wants to use a cock ring to help me orgasm. Is it effective for everyone, or does it depend on the man's size and/or the location of the clitoris? I'm worried that this won't work, and he'll feel like he's failed.
    stevesmw responded:
    There must be all kind of cock rings. The only one I am familiar with is a simple ring that keeps the blood in the penis. Aids may or not work based on physiology. There are positions where he should be able to stimulate your clitoris with his fingers.
    fcl responded:
    The ones that are most likely to help are those that have a tiny vibrator on them that come in contact with your clitoris.

    Can he make you orgasm with his fingers and tongue? Does he use his hands to stimulated your clitoris during sex? Do you? Have you tried being on top and leaning forward so your clitoris is in contact with his pelvic bone?
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    misschoochoo replied to fcl's response:
    Thanks for your intelligent reply. I can't orgasm when he uses his fingers or tongue, and I've only been able to orgasm by myself with the help of only the strongest vibrator, held on the Mons, just above the tip of the clitoris. At this point, I can't be on top due to knee surgery, but that's a great option for after I've healed. I'm trying to get him to try the CAT (Coital Alignment Technique), but I think he's too short for that in the missionary position. I've looked at a lot of vibrating cock rings, and I guess we'll just have to try several to find one that works. My concern is that the vibrating tip won't actually reach the area that works for me. Thanks again for your reply.
    fcl replied to misschoochoo's response:
    Here's another thought - if only one of your knees was operated you might want to try being on top with that foot on the floor. This gives great leverage and better control of movement. Good luck!
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    stevesmw replied to misschoochoo's response:
    Everyone should have the opportunity to orgasm by any means possible. The concern I have about strong vibrators is that they can impact your normal sexual reponse. There are posts here about men who can't orgasm through intercourse because of their mastubatory technique.

    Over the many years of our sex life, my wife didn't use a vibrator at all. There were some times when she would have trouble having her eight orgasm (or any orgasm that isn't happening) and would do about the same thing you do.
    I would participate however she wanted; holding her, kissing her mouth and breasts, fingers in her vagina. I have an average size penis and was also able to enter her while she was using the vibrator lying on her back
    dfromspencer responded:
    I don't know if it will help "EVERY" woman orgasm? Each and every woman is different. A cock ring may be of some help, tho? Perhaps one that also vibrates?

    I have never had a woman that could not orgasm with me. So, this one kinda stumps me? I like to use my pelvic bone to stimulate the clitoris, it seems to work, as every woman said they came very nicely. And if one should have a problem getting there, I will use my tongue, fingers, toys, whatever, to get her hot and ready for me.

    I hope you find one that works!!!


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