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    STD from snorkeling mask?
    An_251314 posted:
    I put this in STD's because I don't know where else to put it. I'm an exchange student in a country where the health care not cheap, easily accessible or as good as back home and that's why I'm posting here - thank you in advance for anyone who can offer helpful information. I went to Thailand for vacation and the water was beautiful and clear and the only place I could find on the entire small island that had snorkeling stuff had the gear for RENT - not for sale - therefore it had already been used by other people. I talked to the man and he knew almost no english - so my questions about how he cleaned the equipment were not answered. The stuff seemed dry at least, so I figured that since it had probably been at least a half hour since someone else had used it (and more likely, a day or so, maybe a week), then maybe any transmittable viruses or bacteria would have been killed in that time. I hope this was not bad logic. It started hurting after about 30 minutes of snorkeling, and I hoped that it was just because the snorkeling gear was messed up and kind of bent weird into my mouth - jamming into my lower gum line and making it raw. However this was 4 days ago, and although it hurts a little bit less today, I would think it should not still be hurting. I had been looking at my inner lip every day to see any signs of disease - and just today I noticed I have 2 small white blisters at the bottom of my mouth, behind my chin, under my lip. They are a little bit tender and hurt when I eat or drink something acidic. I had a cold sore once on my lip almost ten years ago and since then haven't had any kind of outbreak like that (that I've been aware of anyway). This is different though - it's inside my lip. I am hoping that I'm being a hypochondriac but I am really scared - could this be the bad kind of herpes? Or hepatitis? I'm really freaked out.
    bpcookie responded:
    I wouldnt worry about it being an STD. I doubt you could catch anything more serious than a cold by using the snorkle. My guess is that you have sores due to the snorkle. So rest easy and dont worry.
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