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    miaavery posted:
    Hey there. I'm turning 20 soon. I've been sexually active since I was 16 and till date, I have never had an orgasm. Why is this? Four months ago I started dating this guy and I have been having sex with him ever since. He's the second person I am having a physical relationship with. I really love him and I know that I am able to please him. He does please me but the only thing I am so very frustrated about now is that I have never had an orgasm no matter how intense we get. Why??? Is there something wrong with me? I am embarrased by this. I want to enjoy the most out of sex but I feel I'm lacking in the worst way and missing out on so much. Two of my close friends say it's easy and it comes naturally. I just don't understand what they are saying. Can someone pleaseeeeee help me? Thank you so much!
    sluggo45692 responded:
    Your at an age where the men you date still haven't got a clue what women want. Don't be embarrased. You have to get your young stud under control. A lot & I mean a lot, of women can't get the big "O" from him just sticking it in her. You need to be prepared and stimulated. I know, because I was that young man. It cost me a couple of partners, because I didn't know what I was doing. Talk to him. If he's willing to learn what you want, your more willing to give him what he wants. A woman needs to be caressed, stroked, and aroused. If you don't know where your buttons are, how can you let him know. Do some self exploration and find your kick off spots. Then have him find them and both of you will find out what your missing. Good Luck
    dfromspencer responded:
    Sluggo pretty much said it all. The only thing I would add is this, most women do not orgasm by vaginal penetration alone! You need to find out what makes you orgasm, by yourself, then get the boyfriend involved. Use sex toys if you have to, but find out what makes you orgasm!!!

    And, this may just be the mot important, RELAX!!! Let that O come naturally, do not worry about it, LET IT COME!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

    stevesmw replied to dfromspencer's response:
    What you said is correct. Women can orgasm from intercourse when the position stimulates the clitoris.
    My girlfriend had never orgasmed from intercourse and when she finally did, she was thrilled. I don't think she cared whether it was from vaginal or clitoral stimulation as long as it happened during intercourse.
    rjvjb responded:
    u are thinking too much to achieve some thing, and fear of not getting the orgasm is now troubling you more. there is nothing wrong with you, nor with ur friend/s.

    nly prob is that u both are taking love making as a physical activity, where as it is meeting of the every thing is a by product.ur not getting aroused properly for love making, thats a female's basic requirement.intensity is not a solution. peace and arousal is required. do you have a secured area to make love??? its a big subject so in short will suggest u to have patience and make love, not in an infatuated or intense mood, thats more of physical. have sufficient love making time, and don't try to perform, just try to make actual love. rest ur harmonal system will do every thing u want. tc

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