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    help for the beginner
    An_253970 posted:
    My boyfriend is really into rough sex and i am to as long as someone else is in control. but lately he has wanted we to take the wheel and be the dominate on and i feel bad when i tell him no but honestly i have no idea what to do and how far to take it before things could turn bad i kno that he thinks that im not interested when i tell him no but its just that i have no idea what to even try
    dfromspencer responded:
    Try what you like? What does he do to you? That, is usually an indicator of what he would like done to him? Otherwise, talk to him, find out what it is he wants you to do?

    Remember, communication is the key to a rich and rewarding union!!!

    Good luck!!!

    fcl responded:
    You might want to visit a site like bondage dot com and ask the people there for ideas
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    birdhunter1936 responded:
    Maybe no help, but my wife wants to be "punished" after she has fantasies about sex with others, both other men and women too. She readily "confesses" about her fantasies and has even said she may be having fantasies so she can be "spanked". Her desires to be spanked is reaching the fetish level, but she also believes she's enjoying sex more because of her fantasies and being spanked.
    How does your husband present his interest in causing pain for you? Is this something new or has he wanted pain to be part of your sex life fort a long while?
    And, will he discuss his interests with you calmly?
    billnjenn responded:
    Discuss parameters before you start and have a safe word that means stop and stop right now that both of you agree will be strictly followed. Then go ahead and try to enjoy it. Some people reluctantly try something new and if they allow themselves end up enjoying it.

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