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    Oral Sex
    gemstar74 posted:
    My husband likes oral sex and has no problem coming, but said he just doesn't get horny for intercourse. Can a man still want oral sex only and not want to make love (intercourse) with his wife?Can I be giving him to much oral sex
    blake_valentine responded:
    Good sex should be about the give and take. He should be wanting to give you pleasure as much as he is receiving it from you. I would say that it sounds like you have an unbalanced situation. Be direct with him; tell him what you want, and be firm with him that you are not happy with the current state of affairs.
    nohard responded:
    Hi, That's it us men can be like that, not many men are ready to go again just like that, we need a break, its called the refractory period, this varies from man to man, but the norm is 20 minutes, as young men and just gets longer as we get older.
    But most men will get hot and ready with the help of some libido lifter, ie porn works every time for most men.
    Or you really need to work on him, he's your husband you should know how to turn him on, more oral sex a prostate massage.

    Do hope there's some help here.

    Good Luck
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Yes, a guy can want oral sex and not want sex with his spouse. It's similar to men who masturbate rather than have sex. Oral sex/masturbation is easier because they only have to focus on them while with sex, they have to worry about someone else (or at least they should).

    If your husband cares about you, he should at least make an effort for you.
    kramer1961 responded:
    There is no such thing as too much oral sex. That said, you really haven't told us anything directly about your concerns. So how about filling in some details?

    sluggo45692 responded:
    Your man sounds like it's all about him and your just there to give him what he wants. What's good for the gander is good for the goose. He needs to man up and give you some loving. Tell him to give you what you need. He needs to know he has to give you some before you kiss and make it better.

    Good Luck
    jesshl08 replied to kramer1961's response:
    Have any cures for a man that doesn't want oral and doesn't het hard while recieving it?
    jss123 replied to jesshl08's response:
    Does he get an erection under any circumstances ?
    billnjenn responded:
    My question for you would be is he giving you oral sex and satisfying you? Sounds like you want intercourse, but is that because he is making no attempt to pleasure you? Or do you just want intercourse.?
    It is rare for a man to only enjoy oral sex, most men prefer penetration. But every man is different and any one man can enjoy anything you might imagine and more.
    The key is both being satisfied and coming to a compromise that keeps you both happy about your sex life.
    Are you giving him too much oral sex? Is it more than he or you want? If it is then yes, if it isn't than no.
    Communicate and compromise.

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