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    Vaginal TEARING and the removal of a band of skin. Will this widen the vagina base?
    rachelsmith posted:
    I am 32 years old. I have never had a child but I have the issue of tearing at the base of my vagina when I have sex. The type tearing someone would have if they gave birth but I didn't give birth! If I use lubricant it's not as bad and in a couple days I can have sex again. Although, sex it's that enjoyable because I always had a little tear! At first my Gyno said I had thin skin down there and gave me estrogen cream to thicken the skin. This did not work. I developed scar tissue (from repeated tears) and my gyno thought it was the scar tissue that was ripping repeatedly every time I have intercourse. She removed the scar tissue (not a full fenton's.. because she did this in her clinic with just a local anesthetic and I don't think I had any widening done.. well she didn't mention anything about that). Anyway I waited two months to have sex again and when I did, I ended up tearing very badly (the whole area where she removed skin) which is bigger than my original tear was. So instead of having to wait 2 or 3 days now to have sex again. I have to probably wait a good week and a half or two weeks to let it heal up because this tear is so much bigger. (I guess it's kinda like a cavity, the dentist has to drill a bigger hole to give you a filling, well she had to remove a bigger section to make sure she got all the scar tissue). Anyway, now I have a bigger tear site. It's my actually operation site that is tearing! I'm at my lowest point! I'm so stressed out! I don't sleep or eat worrying about this! I don't know what to do. I saw my gyno today and she's telling me that it's the band of skin across the base of my vagina that isn't stretching enough. She is going to removed that band of skin and stitch it up on the sides (rather than stitching it up in the center) so that the skin band cannot heal back together. This is not a fenton's procedure but almost like the reverse of what someone has done to "tighten" their vaginal opening after childbirth, etc! Does anyone have any experiences with this? Can someone give me some advice? or has anyone ever had this done with success to help the issue of tearing skin??? or widening the vagina to reduce friction or tearing. Will removal of this band of skin widen my vagina base which will mean less friction, stretching, can anyone please answer this for me? or have any experiences THANKS??
    dfromspencer responded:
    I am so sorry you are having this experience!!! No, I don't have any knowledge or experience with this issue. I just happened to be caught by the heading.

    After reading this, I couldn't help myself, I had to tell you how sorry I felt for your situation!!! Forgive me for not helping you, I hope this all works out, somehow?

    I wish you a stretch free sex life!!!

    undefined responded:
    Hi Rachel,

    I know I am almost a year late in a response but I thought I would lend my experience. My vaginal band was actually created after a night of vigorous sex. My partner drew all the way out before trying to slam back home. He hit exactly at 6 o'clock just below my vaginal opening. I ripped horribly and it was hard to stop the gushing blood. After healing I really didn't give it much thought. Until after a few years I started to experience small tears upon penetration, which unfortunately made anything after that in enjoyable.

    I finally had a discussion with my OBGYN who was puzzled by the band but willing to try multiple approaches to fix it. Unfortunately the pain and tearing had already taken a psychological toll on my relationships and general desire for men and sex. Where once I would become aroused, soon that became replaced by repulsion. So that had to be addressed as well. Also, my vaginal walls had clamped down creating an almost constant kagel. So after seeing a special physical therapist, who actually massaged my walls, muscles and the vaginal band. It definitely helped to relax the clamping but did not really work on the vaginal band.

    So my OBGYN and I decided to try cutting it straight down and packing gauze in the wound to keep it from healing back. To some extent it did not heal all the way but what was left was still a band but thicker with scar tissue.

    I finally went to see a plastic surgeon at the urging of my OBGYN. He determined that a Zplasty would be the best option. Also when he was taking pictures and tugging on it, it tore. The skin is just so thin in areas. I asked about having the skin cut out completely but was told the complications and future revisions would not be desirable. I had the surgery done Today as an out patient under general anesthesia. I am hoping this solves the issue.

    I have the stitches removed on Monday and will get a better idea of how it looks. Luckily my insurance covered it as a medical problem with previous history from my OBGYN lending her agreement.

    I hope things have gotten better for you! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm not a medical expert but as a fellow female going through the same thing I hope I was able to help!

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