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    Can't orgasm from vaginal sex?? What's wrong with me
    An_256448 posted:
    Hi my boyfriend and I have had sex a fair bit and no matter what we do I just can seem to orgasm from having proper sex or vaginal sex if we get in the right position it feels good but just not enough to orgasm, the only way for me to come is by clitoral stimulation, he is starting to worry that there is something wrong with him and I know there's not I love him so much ANSI love having sex with him, am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to actually orgasm from proper sex?
    georgiagail responded:
    The majority of women do not orgasm from vaginal intercourse. We require clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

    What the hell is "proper sex"? This is a misnomer. "Proper sex" is whatever feels good to your partner. For women this typically involves focusing on the clitoris. Explain this to the boyfriend.

    nohard responded:
    Hi OK the Big O, yes and orgasm, just remember some women go through there whole sex lives never have , from which ever they try.
    Tell your b/f there's northing wrong with or the way you have sex, its just one of these things, with sex our life's it can be a bit unfair at times, its spoilt to many relationships, all because some guys and women even have been given or told these things happen when they have sex the women shouts out yes, yes, yes, sorry but only in some films, real life yes there are the odd ones, but far to few.
    If you can orgasm from clitoral stimulation, try you on top, this way you can grind into him, you should find this works, your be having a clitoral orgasm while having sex all at the same time, this should please him and you.
    Good Luck
    jss123 responded:
    I had the same problem as him until I tried the CAT position.
    I actually told my wife I'm useless at sex !!
    So I know exactly how he feels.


    The rocking back and forth together described works as it says in the article. I was VERY happy when it worked and It did wonders for my confidence.

    It just takes giving you one orgasm this way and he will feel a lot better.
    My wife told me exactly what to do and I only found out later what it is called. Maybe you should approach it that way

    Hope that helps.
    stevesmw replied to jss123's response:
    What I did was similar. The alignment is most important.
    There is another benefit to this. If you have a PE issues, rocking is less stimulating than thrusting and if you feel close to orgasm, you stop thrusting and rock or grind until the urge to orgasm has passed.
    nohard replied to nohard's response:
    Hi I had a thought this morning, if you look around the sex mag's or sites you should find a clitoral stimulator, its just a rind with some bumps on it fits around his penis at the base, so with you on top its a snug fit.
    Could be worth a try, could be your way to big orgasms.
    Good Luck
    Have a look on you could find the answer your looking for, on how to orgasm why being penetrated ,. or you can post your problem to Dr Betty Dodson, she will reply.
    kramer1961 replied to nohard's response:
    Good suggestions here, but I would add one more thing; although most women do not orgasm from straight vaginal intercourse, many more do IF they've had enough foreplay beforehand.

    My partner rarely orgasms from intercourse unless She's had a lot of foreplay, then you usually does. Foreplay can be manual or oral, but it should be enough so that she's fairly close. Then switch to intercourse. You may find this does it. If not, then use those techniques to come to orgasm before intercourse.

    One more thing, You can also stimulate yourself during intercourse, and this is far easier in the doggy position, where you can reach back and masturbate while he's inside you.

    The reason one previous poster recommended being on top is that it brings your clitoris in direct contact with your partner, something that seldom happens in the missionary position and can't happy doggy style.

    Imagine if your clitoris was located any lower; it might be great for sex until you split it apart in child birth. Outch! Think of it as an engineering compromise.


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