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    The taste of my vagina fluid
    rcole59 posted:
    I am a 38 year old woman. I have had many sexual partners in my life. I have never had a partner complain about performing oral on me. They have never complained about the smell or the taste of my cum. I have asked them about it. I am a big girl and self conscience of how I smell or taste.
    I have never had to douche before either. I have been told by ob/gyn's not to.
    The man I am with now. He is very sentivitive about bodily fluids. The second time we had sex, he told me that he did not like the smell of my vagina and would like me to douche. After a while I caved in and did douche. He does not go down on me and perform oral. He says he does not like the taste of cum. I love having oral performed on me. My question is, How do I alter the taste of my cum and how do I get him to feel comfortable to perform oral on me? I have never had this problem before and do not know what to do.
    I have read that eating a bunch of fruit will alter the taste of the cum, how long after eating the fruit does it take to change the taste? Thank you for any and all responses.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    First, you should not douche period. The vagina is self-cleaning and douching can upset the flora and cause an infection.

    As for how you can make him comfortable enough to perform oral, you might not be able to. Some people, men and women, just are not comfortable with performing oral on their partners be it the taste, smell, or some other reason.
    An_256614 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    dump him get another
    nohard responded:
    Hi You could try giving yourself a sea salt bath, and let the water get inside you vagina, you just use a couple of handfuls of sea salt in a not to deep warm bath.
    Google sea salt and the vagina for more info, and have a look on the link below.
    You could find some help, but if this guy keeps going on, could be time to find another.
    Do hope there is some help here.
    Good Luck
    An_241042 replied to nohard's response:
    Nohard, here you go again cut and paste and post url's. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THIS WOMAN ASK FOR ADVICE ABOUT A YEAST INFECTION?

    nohard replied to An_241042's response:
    Well as you know so much I must be wrong to send her there.
    Except, vaginal smells do some how go along with fungus, and fungus means yeasts? Yes.
    So is such a bad idea to send someone where you would find help for yeast problems?
    You work it out as you really know so much more than me.
    georgiagail replied to nohard's response:
    Personally, I think you must own stock in sea salt; you push this nonsense so much.

    Quit trying to diagnose anything.

    nohard replied to georgiagail's response:
    So how would you help her?
    What's your way out of her problem?
    Just stop bitching, when you don't even help.
    The idea on here is to help, if you think it does not help, come up with your own answer.
    Just remember sea salt is a big natural help for so many things, far more than your small brain can think about, the real world is not built around drugs, all the drugs you can think of started with natural things, that are now drugs.
    You need to expand you mind. and see outside of the box.
    georgiagail replied to nohard's response:
    Calm down fella; sounds like you've been inhaling to much of your "natural" products. Or perhaps you've sat too long in your sea salt bath and understand how this can burn tender body parts. So sit in the corner and rest your small brain for a while. Quit attempting to come off as some kind of natural medicine expert. You're not.

    The issue is that the OP doesn't have a "problem" in the sense that she has a medical issue. She's a perfectly normal female with a perfectly normal vagina. The issue is her boyfriend who is seems sensitive to all odors and tastes and would like her to have NEITHER in her vagina. That's an unrealistic goal in an area that has a large number of both oil and sweat glands.

    Women are supposed to have a natural scent. Most normal men find this alluring. This guy doesn't. She needs to let him move on and she needs to find someone else who isn't quite so sensitive in terms of normal odors and tastes.

    nohard replied to georgiagail's response:
    See now you pass the buck, insult people then try and make its them that's in the wrong.

    Seems you just love insulting others on here, even posters, and posters are the ones coming here for help.

    See your just bitching again.

    Yes women do have a very nice natural smell and taste, how often do you put your fingers inside your vagina and take a whiff and taste it? or perhaps with an other women, how many times have you had oral sex with another women, and if this was on a regular basis?

    Some men do this all the time, why we just love the smell and taste of women. so keeping this in mind, don't you think we would know if there was and odd smell, which we would think was wrong, he man has got a whiff and said her taste was off, and said so.

    So now looking for help, this could be a sign of yeast infection starting, now if you had taken the time to read through this site, you would see how much of the cures come from just simple sea salt.

    Have a read you may just see my point.

    fcl responded:
    It sounds to me as if he is just one of the many men who do not like to give oral (and yes, there are many women who don't like giving oral too). There isn't a lot you can do about this. Honestly, I really doubt that any change to your vaginal fluids would make much difference. He's going to balk anyway.

    Here's a thought - have you asked him what it would take to make him comfortable giving you oral?

    The big question is - can you be happy with a man who won't give you oral?
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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