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    smelly semen
    terik11 posted:
    I have been married for 18 years, have had the typical ups and downs of married couples and sex (or lack there-of) and just recently, I have noticed a very offending smell right after we have sex. I am pretty sure it's coming from my husband. More specifically from his semen. What can cause this? Any ideas? I have not said anything to him yet about this problem. He is not very receptive to his own health issues. Please, if anyone can help out..?
    jamiebear244 responded:
    My first thought is, has he been eating anything out of the ordinary? There are alot of foods that can make seman smell very offensive. If you don't think that is the case, then it could very well be some sort of infection or STD.
    LoveMyIssues responded:
    I know asparagus makes my urine smell foul. I guess it's reasonable to expect that food could have some effect on seminal fluid as well. I've never noticed a difference in sexual odors, though.
    MudLover responded:
    I think that it is more common to be a female problem, smell that is. I mean unless he is uncircumcised he is very easy to clean. I would check yourself before him, because I doubt that any semen smell is all that strong, maybe a bitter taste, but very little smell. First are you sure that you do not have a yeast infection, otherwise get try some famine hygiene stuff. If he is not circumcised that can have an oder. Also are you sure that the smell is not coming from one of your backsides? Maybe BOTH of you should shower and make sure EVERYTHING is absolutely clean! Then have sex and see if the smell persist. If it does I am out of ideas you are on your own. Also if one of you have an yeast infection it is possible to give it to the other, so it could be the both of you or that you guys are just passing the infection back and forth trading turns smelling. lol
    Flitterfly1973 responded:
    I am noticing the same thing, only thing is, his seman is making me smelly! I shower after sex, i shower almost 3 times a day, trying to get rid of this oder. My husband does drink allot and he's always eaten allot of fast food, but right now, it's unbareable. It's not the "belach" smell others have referred's nasty rotten oder.
    wonderingandconfused responded:
    I have this same thing happening to me. After my husband and I make love I get this real nasty odor. But it is only he ejaculates. Is something wrong? I am scared that something could be really wrong. Please help me....
    timberpit responded:
    I have the exact same thing husband's semen is making me smelly, too. It's a couple of days before the smell goes away, even after showering, doucheing, feminin deodorant. I can't get rid of the smell. My husband drinks alot, too, and I'm wondering if it's all the yeast in the beer? His does not smell like bleach, it also is the nasty rotten odor. I don't know wether to say something to him, I don't want to hurt his feelings, but its gross.
    Jumper197074857 responded:
    The taste and smell of your husbands semen is most likely directly attributed to their diets. Unless they change their diets, there's not much you can do. An option would be to make your husbands wear condoms. When they ask why, tell em flat-out. Might get them to change things in their diet.
    Cat78fish responded:
    You are absolutely correct Jumper. The sad thing is that the most healthy foods from a nutritional standpoint quite often are the culprits in giving semen a nasty taste and/or smell. I absolutely can't stand it when my husband eats asparagus or broccoli but I know it's good for him so I either don't say anything or we do activities where it won't matter. Of course, if you make sure he gets some sweet fruit like pineapple with his meal too, you may be able to offset some of this smell. :smile: Donna
    UnhappyBelly responded:
    Have you ladies been checked for bacterial vaginosis? It can cause odor after sex.
    ladyvery responded:
    I have recenty experienced this problem. By boyfriend ejaculates in me then anywhere from 2-4 days later this overpowering rotten smell with discharge becomes quite noticeable. It happens in the middle of the day sometimes and when I go to the bathroom I can smell it. I usually will wear a pantyliner after we have sex just in case some of the semen comes out the other way. I know that it's his semen that is causing this becasue we only see each other once couple of weeks and I only have this problem 2-4 days after we have had sex. I love my boyfriend--I do. But this smell is horrible. It smells rotten and is very strong and it stays on your clothes. I am an avid bather. I take baths twice per day and I wash with soap. I eat yogurt too. But after narrowing down this smell, I have started douching immediately after we have sex. When I did this, the smell still tried to come but it was very faint. The discharge is very light brown and when it comes in contact with that pantyliner, all you can do is go an change it. This smell is powerful! I use a simple vinegar/water douche. Ask any old woman about douche and they will tell you that back in the day, they did it after sex everytime. It's the 'new way' not to. I don't believe that it harms me at all. I would continue to eat yogurt and drink acidic things like orange and cranberry juice to keep your vagina's ph balance in tact.
    crazyfoot40 responded:
    lady...that sounds like one or both of you might have an infection. Tom
    Contemplating19 responded:
    Sounds to me like an infection of some sort, I suggest you both get tested for basic infections such as bacterial vaginosis, and for him... a yeast infection. Also, instead of taking a shower after sex. Maybe you could take a bath, it helps your Ph Balance (so I've been told)

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