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    how can i make my cum taste better?
    anav3 posted:
    my girlfriend always complains after i ejaculate in her mouth. Sometimes she swallows, but most of the time she spits it out. We were wondering if there is anything i can eat or drink to make my cum taste better for her?
    nnd123 responded:
    Eat sweet fruits !
    FCL responded:
    Tell her that if she doesn't like the taste that spitting it out is the best way of making the taste last ... If she wants to avoid the taste, get her to put your penis as far back in her mouth as she can when you're about to ejaculate and it will go straight down her throat and not touch her tastebuds at all (or at least not much. Spitting it out sends your ejaculate over her tastebuds twice -once on the way in, once on the way out. The only other alternative is that you come out of her mouth before you ejaculate. No matter what you eat or drink, you're not going to change the taste that much - only vary the bitterness/sweetness. The basic taste will remain the same.
    Cat78fish responded:
    I agree with everything FCL said except for her last paragraph. She's absolutely right that she would taste less if she swallows. Now as far as taste goes, it all depends on an individual's own taste buds. What tastes really sweet to some people may not be sweet at all to other people. I can't make it through a can of regular soda without choking because it's so sweet and yet my husband can drink it like it's water. What I have found that changes the tastes of my husband's semen drastically is when he eats pineapple or milk chocolate. OTOH, broccoli will give it a very bitter taste--especially if it's eaten within a few hours of oral sex. There have also been many times when it has been pretty bland--barely any taste at all. Donna
    FCL responded:
    MAybe my last paragraph wasn't clear enough - semen will taste like semen no matter what you eat. The difference you can make is to the sweetness or the bitterness (or the strength) but it wall always taste of semen - there's no way you can make it taste like chocolate cake :grin:
    LMIthe2nd responded:
    That's the pharmaceutical breakthrough I'm waiting for, FCL! If the drug companies made big money on the ED meds, just imagine what they'd make off a drug that made semen taste like Hershey's Syrup! :goofy:
    darth_brooks responded:
    three words. PINE-a-APPLE

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