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    is it bad not to cum?
    texanrebel posted:
    My wife and I are wanting to have kids but we don't get much time to have sex plus we are trying to time it correctly. I don't want to cum until the next time we have sex in about 12 days. Is it a problem or bad for me to get extremely hard and almost to the point of ejaculating but stop myself and not do it? I'm trying to keep my sperm count up and all that but I don't know if it is a bad thing to do that cause my wife constantly turns me on not by trying but she's just that gorgeous and turns me on a little everyday. I really don't want to ejaculate till the next time we make love but if it is bad to keep it in when I get that hard and feel like ejaculating then I need to know. Please serious help only
    mhtyler2 responded:
    If you and your wife agree, it shouldn't be a problem. BTW, is there some reason you feel you need to save it up in order to have kids?
    texanrebel responded:
    no there's no real reason for saving it up other than I want to have as much as possible for the next time so that maybe it'll up our chances of conceiving. plus I always cum prematurely but after I do I wait a few seconds afterwards and I'm still hard so I keep it up and keep going till I give her her own orgasm. so I also want to try and get myself to the point that I don't cum as easily and can last longer in her. plus this is an after question but if i do go first then it takes her a lot longer to get off does her getting off after me push it out and make our chances less? We are trying for our first child and it seems to be taking forever for it to happen
    DavidAmanda responded:
    When a woman orgasms, her cervix dips down in order to grab the sperm increasing the amount of sperm to go into the uterus. Your semen will travel up the cervix anyway, whether she orgasms or not. So in your case, yes it is better for you to ejaculate inside of her before she orgasms. May I ask why you have to wait 12 days?
    queston responded:
    A couple things: 1. I think the ideal ejaculation frequency as far as maximizing your production of fresh sperm is more like every 48 hours. You don't want 12 day old sperms heading up their for their journey--you want the young, fit ones. 2. Also, waiting a long time between ejaculations is likely not going to help you with coming sooner than you want, in fact, it;s likely to make it harder for you to delay. This is a completely separate issue from trying to conceive, of course, but many men find that supplementing sex with masturbation so that they ejaculate every day helps with the premature ejaculation. For younger men (it sounds like you might be one), it can be helpful to masturbate a few hours before sex. You might also try doing Kegel exercises.
    FCL responded:
    IT's not particularly bad (well, you might get a painful case of blue balls) but it is particularly pointless ... Sex every other day is what is recommended when trying to conceive.
    4oSomething responded:
    no it's not going to damage you if you don't ejaculate for 12 days, but I fail to see the point? Maybe the reason it is seeming to "take forever" to get yur wife pregnant is because you are only having sex once every 12 days. sperm do not live forever, even inside your testicles. eventually they die and are reabsorbed by your body as you produce new sperm. If you want to build up your sperm count, 48 hours is plenty, there is no need to wait 12 days.
    Cat78fish responded:
    I'm not 100% sure on this but I think I read somewhere that human sperm only live for about 4 days no matter whose body they reside in and that any unused sperm get absorbed back into the body and males produce new sperm constantly. This natural process prevents a "buildup" of sperm so there is no need to wait 12 days between ejaculations. I know I got pregnant within the first month of getting off the birth control pill and we were having sex at least once a day and sometimes more and it did not deplete my husband's supply of sperm. In addition, I've seen where some studies have said that it's best for a man to have between 3 and 5 ejaculations a week for optimal prostate health and the prevention of prostate cancer. So if you feel like making love, I would go ahead and do it and not wait 12 days. Donna

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