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    Q's for Viagra (PDE5 inhib.) users
    AnotherJohnDoe posted:
    I have had some ED issues lately that I think have been psychological. I am fairly young and have never had problems with losing an erection before so I saw a urologist who ran a thyroid and testosterone test and gave me an Rx for Viagra, along with a sample pack. I am a fairly avid mountain biker so I sort of wonder if there hasn't been gradual nerve or blood vessel damage but it sounds like urologists usually just prescribe PDE5 inhibitors anyway since they get the job done. Anyway, I've been contemplating putting the sample pack to use but I have some questions. First of all, drugs like Viagra don't cause erections just by taking them. They enable the person to have erections when sexually stimulated. But if someone is able to get hard already but loses it for more psychological reasons, would drugs like Viagra still help? Has anyone here had ED caused by untreated depression? If so, did drugs like Viagra help or not? Aside from enabling someone to have sex, do PDE5 inhibitors make sex more enjoyable? If my problem is psychological, I assume it's temporary and I would rather not ruin sex if it won't be the same without Viagra later on. Finally, how common are side effects? I've seen a fair amount of complaints on here already. Rob
    mhtyler2 responded:
    It is technically true that you don't get an erection from viagra, you still need sexual stimulation. However, in my experience I need far less stimulation than I would ordinarily need. My Wife enjoys it when I use viagra because even though I don't always need to, when I do use it I am, in her words, rock hard. She seems to like that. I have some side effects of flushing and sometimes headache later. I can take a couple of advil for that. The only side effect I can't stand is the dent it makes in my wallet.
    GuardSquealer responded:
    Well once you have taken it a gentle breeze can cause an erection, And it doesn't go away so easily. So I think it would definitely help your situation. I find it to be more enjoyable, my orgasms seem to be more intense, and I can last longer. Yes it is rock hard and actually I think it makes my erection larger. And afterwards even when limp it is more of a show-er than usual. And of course my recovery time is reduced greatly. I only use it once every couple of months, and enjoy sex quite frequently in between without it. It certainly doesn't reduce the enjoyment of sex when not taking it. And the only side effect I have is a slight headache and I just take a couple of advil when I take it and don't even get the headache anymore.
    LoveMyIssues responded:
    I agree with both prior posts. The only thing I'll add is that I read an article in Men's Health several years ago that said studies had linked racing bike seats with nerve damage in the perineum. It interested me because I used to do a lot of bike touring, spending 8 hrs/day in the saddle for weeks at a time. Could have contributed to my ED, although I was subsequently diagnosed as diabetic, too. I wouldn't want to discourage you from a hobby you enjoy, but it could be a cause of your ED issues. As for side effects, I've found Levitra a little "gentler" than Viagra in that regard, but I suspect every man metabolizes the chemicals a little differently. Viagra gives me a flushed face and a blue tinge in my vision at 100mg dosages; less of that at 50mg, which is still effective for me. (If your sample pack is 100s, try cutting them in half.) The Levitra only gives me a stuffed nose (which complicates kissing and cunnilingus, but I manage. :pbpt: )
    FCL responded:
    i "but I manage" Where there's a will ... eh, LMI? :smile:

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