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    uncontrolable sexual urges
    rinaka posted:
    last night was great! but this morning i can not stop thinking about sex. i tried masturbation but it only increased my desire. i have been so wet today that i actually have been wearing a pad. what can i do? This has happened years early but i don't know if this is normal!
    mhtyler2 responded:
    What do you mean this has happened years early?
    rinaka responded:
    when we were newlly weds this seem to happen but, i thought then it was just because we were newly weds.
    mhtyler2 responded:
    What you describe is untypical for women, but not out of the norm. Some women have very strong sex drives, just as some women are taller or stronger than most men. Abnormal is wanting sex with a child or a corpse or requiring violence as a part of sex. You just have a strong drive. I'm a 54 year old man, and if I could buy that extra drive off of you, I'd send you a check tonight special D. Its amazing the range of normal sex drive among men and women; men expect to be constantly sexed, and women only occasionally, so when that gets reversed, you find messages from men thus: gosh I don't want sex all the time. What's wrong?, and from women, Gee, I want sex all the time, what's wrong? Luck of the dice, that's all it is You've got quite a good roll of them I'd say. mark
    Cat78fish responded:
    Rinaka, I have walked a mile in your shoes and believe me there's nothing you can do except maybe see if you can talk your partner into more sex and keep wearing the pads. I have tried everything to no avail. Someone suggested to me that I try taking an antihistimine to dry up some of the wetness but all that did was dry up my sinuses to the point that I had nosebleeds and didn't do a darn thing for my overactive vagina so I had to stop the antihistimines. Honestly I think I have enough lubrication for a half dozen women. One good thing though is that we will never have to rely on store bought lubricant to have comfortable sex. I don't know if it's normal or not but I certainly don't feel abnormal. The way I see it is that I would much rather keep my over active sex drive than to have a low sex drive--even if it does drive me crazy sometimes. Today was one of those times.....My husband had to go in to work today at 4:00pm so he was taking a shower at 2:30pm and getting ready. I could smell the scent of his soap as he showered. During the process of his showering and shaving, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and extremely turned on and I have to admit I had to resist the urge because I knew he was in a hurry to get ready for work. It was very tough because he smelled so good and looked so sexy walking around in the nude. I ended up masturbating later after he left for work and it did take off the edge but I still want sex even though we just had sex last night too. At least in my case, I can deal with the wetness a lot easier than I can deal with the nipple sensitivity. Every time I become aroused which is like all the time, my nipples get really big and hard and show through my bra and shirt and it's somewhat embarrassing. If you come up with any solutions, let me know because I don't think my husband's sex drive is going to increase any time soon--not with his crazy work schedule. Donna
    4oSomething responded:
    an uncontrollable sexual urge would be if you were running around having sex with everyone because you could not control yourself. so sounds to me like you are indeed controlling yourself. Just because you are thinking of sex doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. The sex I had last night was great too lol. So naturally it was the first thought that popped into my mind when I woke up....... that is not an uncontrollable urge....... it is normal to feel turned on when you think of or remember a spectacular sexual experience.
    FCL responded:
    I wholeheartedly agree with 40Something. There's nothing strange or abnormal about what you felt. It wasn't uncontrollable either (unless you were molesting strangers ... but you didn't tell us that). It's perfectly NORMAL to feel that way when you had a great night of sex. The more you get the more you want! Lol! ENJOY! And stop worrying about it.
    crazyfoot40 responded:
    rinaka...just enjoy it. :sillygrin: Tom
    mhtyler2 responded:
    no kidding, I wish I had an uncontrollable sex urge. mark

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