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    High a woman?
    sharkona2972 posted:
    So I have this great boyfriend, I mean he's sexy, we love the same music, he takes me on romantic dates, he buys me gifts when I'm not expecting it, he (secretly of course) loves my cat, we fight and make up in just the right way, and his friends are also my best friends. The absolute ONLY problem we have, is in bed. Now let me clarify here. He's 24 and very well endowed, about 7.5inches and thick, and somehow, considering I'm his first, he's got the moves......of course i only get the moves about once every 1-2 months. I imagine from what I've read here that any other woman might think that's great! But not this one. I need it, much more often. It feels like we've tried everything, toys, watching each other, pills etc. etc. I masturbate and everything, but it's not nearly as good as when we're together. I'm finally starting to think that it's me with the problem. Everything I read online is like "Woman with low sex drives" "Why woman say they're tired" and so on, what about me? Is it normal to want it at least once or twice a week. And what's worse is I'm starting to have naughty fantasies about our friend, which makes me feel really really guilty. Please someone help!
    Poppy999 responded:
    Nope, it's not just you!!! Read my "Lost Libido! post...and "Horny Goat Weed" one. By the way, I assume the pills you refer to were ones to increase his sex drive?? Help!!! Which ones and did they work? Flip, I haven't had sex since last August, I am so, so P****d Off! I am a healthy "young" 50, and he is 56, and taking medication for Fibromyalgia...another story...and yes I realise this too can cause problems. (Big Sigh!) Been together 23yrs and sex has always been brilliant and fun.
    wwilson89 responded:
    No ma'am, you are not the only one. I have a pretty healthy sex drive, I don't know what would be considered too high though. Me and DB average twice per month b/c his drive is low after me having our first child a year ago and some other things he's got going on, but we used to do it 2-3 times per week which was satisfying for me.
    sharkona2972 responded:
    Poppy-we tried horny goats weed from GNC and they made him more sensitive and last longer but they didn't really make him want it more often thanks for the reply!
    Cat78fish responded:
    I wouldn't exactly describe your libido as being high if you only want it once or twice a week but his is ridiculously low. Has he been to the doctor or on medication that could be effecting his libido? There are all sorts of medications out there that could cause a person to have a low libido. In addition, it's not unusual for the higher sex drive individual to have a lot of fantasies especially if their needs are not being met so stop beating yourself up over it.

    To Poppy: In your case, his low libido could very well be caused from the fibromyalgia (not sure if I spelled that right) and not necessarily from the medication to treat it. I have never heard of any natural remedies (Horny Goat Weed, etc.) working to increase libido. If he's in pain, nothing is going to increase his libido more than getting his pain under control. If the medication he is on is not doing that, then he needs to see about changing medications.

    To both of you: I think your best bet is to have a serious heart to heart talk with him outside of the bedroom regarding what your needs are and what his needs are. Make sure the conversation is in a nonconfrontational way and do as much listening as talking. It could just very well be that there won't be a solution and that you are just one of millions of couples with mismatched libidos. If that's the case, you really have 2 choices--accept it or move on to hopefully find someone whose libido more closely matches yours.

    STLEWIS87 responded:
    Once or twice a month!!! Geez!! Id live to have it a least once a day!! Sorry i have no advice but did wanna say your not alone with a high sexual drive.
    FCL responded:
    Don't believe everything you read online ... I reckon there are as many women with high drives as there are men with high drives. Have a read of the posts here over the last few months and you'll be surprised at how many women complain about their partner's low drive. Oh, and once or twice a week isn't a high drive (I want, and get, sex every day ... and I don't think there's anything strange about me ) but it's certainly higher than your bf's...
    ChristeB responded:
    U R NOT ALONE, my libido is so overactive that my hubby can't keep up, though he tries so hard. If it were up to me, I would be getting it 3 times a day, maybe 5. It seems I'm horny ALL the time. I'm 51 years young, I have some health issues but none that get in the way of my need for sex. At this point he can keep up with sex once every 2 days and the only thing that I can do is use self control. Yes, toys are used but it's just not the same. I love the contact we have, the touch, passion. Just writing about this is almost torture.
    SweetAnonymity replied to ChristeB's response:
    Twice a week is satisfying for me if I'm in a relationship, and more than that would be fine too. I am a woman, by the way.
    Rock_Knutne replied to ChristeB's response:

    What are you eating and drinking?

    Send your diet to my wife...Please!
    Rock_Knutne replied to SweetAnonymity's response:
    Yes... but how old are you?? (Not really asking)

    ChristeB is 51 years young and has the constitution of a 30 year old!

    2 or 3 times a week would be nirvana for this 57 year old!

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