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    increase ejaculate load and force?
    iamunknown posted:
    my gf and i are trying to enhance our sexual satisfaction and one thing i'd like to see if i could work on is my ejaculate volume and a forceful ejaculation. ive seen ads for pills that will "increase your load" which i'm really skeptical about but have heard positive reviews, however i've also heard opinions about how you can't change the volume of ejaculate and that the pills are scams... but it just seems like there would be a way to it. (we've all seen pornos where a guy ejaculates bucket loads... and i can't imagine that's possible without pills or something else..)

    know hydration is part of it but is there anything else i can do to improve my results?

    what does zinc and/or l-arginine actually do for men with regards to sex?

    and lastly, i want to increase the force with which i ejaculate (i know this sounds stupid but i'd like to give my gf a little show instead of it just dribbling out.), is there anyway to do this? like do kegel exercises help strengthen the muscle(s) you ejaculate with allowing you to "shoot" your load? i've only done the exercises a few times (i think i do them wrong, i dunno) and i was thinking that if i held the muscle(s) really tight for as long as i could right before i climaxed, maybe that would allow me to start ejaculating farther...

    i'd appreciate any advice, tips, solutions that you could give me. thank you.
    squiddog replied to squiddog's response:
    so sorry! my browser was messed up!
    Macroman replied to betweenthesheets's response:
    Since I started taking soy lecithin granules about 4 months ago...and my sex urge, and degree of sexual arousal...have diminished considerably.

    I have and did consider all other factors and things I am taking in life...but the only exception that I noticed is the addition of this product, i.e. Lecithin granules, made from soy bean.

    It really bothers me, when I notice myself as lacking interest (sexual that is) in the other sex.

    I used to get so aroused just by being in close proximity (touching hand, for example, of a female), yet now....even closer contact, rubbing body together...and I do not get aroused!!!

    I haven't stopped taking the lecithin yet, wana do some research on this aspect (possible side effect) of granulated Lecithin before I can firmly decide if it's the cause of my problem: lack of libido.

    One thing, though, I should mention for those interested in this subject: been using Lecithin gel caps (1,200mg x 2 daily) for years, and have not experienced any such side effect, whatsoever!

    blk281 responded:
    I can tell you for a fact Lecithin works. I take 2 capsules a day every day..and have for the last 5 years.

    My precum FLOWS out..almost like a faucet since taking Lecithin, and I also cum about 2x my normal amount.
    tatanjojo replied to betweenthesheets's response:
    Thanks for the tip!!! I will definitely try lecithin. Let me also share that I have been taking amino acids: L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carnitine, and Zinc and Epimedium. After 2 weeks and abstaining for 3 days it happened! I was shooting like 3x more my normal, I needed extra paper towels to wipe the load.

    I will add lecithin to my supplements and we'll see what happens.
    josh925 responded:
    hey iamunknown:

    I was asking myself the same question because before I was 25/24 (I am 25 now), I used to shoot loads and recently noticed that all I did was dribble.
    I did a good'ol Google search and heard Men's Health and other sources say use L-Argitine/L-Lycene, etc. and I started adding that to my diet, including Zinc, which helped improve my erections.
    My ejaculations, however, were still weak.
    I stumbled across this message board last week and heard the first guy talk about Lecithin, and did more research. Went to Walmart and bought a bottle, started using the supplement (400 mg x 3= 1,200mg a day), and on day one, my cum was still dribbling. THEN, on day two, it came out like a volcanic eruption! I tried two other days immediately after, and each time it was a volcano!
    I am convinced that Lecithin did the trick.
    I highly recommend you try it and hope others will, too!
    Also, I heard Maca is supposed to help as well, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet - its rather expensive off the shelves, but you can get bottles for $5 on Amazon.
    Aight, well looking forward to hearing other people's experiences with Lecithin!
    gambinonyc replied to betweenthesheets's response:

    Can I meat Heather?
    scobbydoo41 responded:
    how long does it take for ;ecithin or soya lecithin to start ya take 4-every day at once or spread them out..
    scobbydoo41 replied to betweenthesheets's response:
    now do you take them all at once or spread them out..and do you take hour before sex or what...can ya take every day
    scobbydoo41 replied to unknown's response:
    does that work on older men as well
    1957hank replied to scobbydoo41's response:
    I am curious but never had the guts to ask any woman including my wife. Does a large ejaculation really mean that much? Do woman like the sight of an ejaculation ? Does it turn them on? Do they like to do things with it; play with it, taste it, etc. I am sorry for being so graphic with my questions. I guess in 35 years of marriage I have always been kind of reserved in where I ejaculate. If it is not inside her vagina, then it is not on her. I have never ejaculated anywhere else. She has never asked me to. I am beginning to wonder if there is something weird about me. Oh well
    elle0317 replied to 1957hank's response:
    No, it doesn't mean much. It's about a man's pride more that anything else. Confident men don't care how big their penis is, nor do they care how much they ejaculate.
    queston replied to elle0317's response:
    That's mostly but not 100% correct.

    One reason that the intensity of a man's orgasm seems to decline somewhat with age is that the volume of semen declines with age. The prostate will contract as much as it needs to to move the seminal fluids through the system. So less fluid means less contractions at orgasm, which means a less intense, less long-lasting orgasmic sensation.

    So there is at least some relationship between volume of semen and pleasure of orgasm for the man.
    iceechic replied to 1957hank's response:
    I can tell you from my point of view I love it! I love a big load, and I love it on me. But I dont think anything is wrong with you or your wife, to each thier own!
    1957hank replied to iceechic's response:
    Thanks fro your response and comment. I guess I am quite naive in regards to sex Maybe my wife and I are vanilla and need to spice things up a notch. I never thought I would learn so much about sex thru this website.
    iceechic replied to 1957hank's response:
    I believe this is one subject every continues to learn in! If you guys are happy with your sex life, then thats great! Some like a big production others not so much, just what ever works for you guys! If you are going to try new things... Have FUN!

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