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    increase ejaculate load and force?
    iamunknown posted:
    my gf and i are trying to enhance our sexual satisfaction and one thing i'd like to see if i could work on is my ejaculate volume and a forceful ejaculation. ive seen ads for pills that will "increase your load" which i'm really skeptical about but have heard positive reviews, however i've also heard opinions about how you can't change the volume of ejaculate and that the pills are scams... but it just seems like there would be a way to it. (we've all seen pornos where a guy ejaculates bucket loads... and i can't imagine that's possible without pills or something else..)

    know hydration is part of it but is there anything else i can do to improve my results?

    what does zinc and/or l-arginine actually do for men with regards to sex?

    and lastly, i want to increase the force with which i ejaculate (i know this sounds stupid but i'd like to give my gf a little show instead of it just dribbling out.), is there anyway to do this? like do kegel exercises help strengthen the muscle(s) you ejaculate with allowing you to "shoot" your load? i've only done the exercises a few times (i think i do them wrong, i dunno) and i was thinking that if i held the muscle(s) really tight for as long as i could right before i climaxed, maybe that would allow me to start ejaculating farther...

    i'd appreciate any advice, tips, solutions that you could give me. thank you.
    Lovethebate responded:
    I'm 51 years old. About a month ago, at the advice of, I started taking a cocktail of L-arginine, horny goat weed, Korean ginseng and zinc. I take this combination after every meal. Since I started this regimen, the length and intensity of my orgasms have increased, my ejaculate has increased in both volume and thickness and I wake up every morning with an erection similar to when I was much younger. I'm and avid masturbator and this mix of supplements has really increased my pleasure. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    PS all of these supplements are affordable and available at any pharmacy, grocery store or health food store.
    DmndLife1984 responded:
    I notice this thread was put up here four years ago, but someone recently bumped it, and I'll say I'm average in size and have had very powerful ejaculations since I started having them at 12. They can last over ten seconds and I think they've gotten even more powerful in recent years. I don't know about specific measurements, but if I'm lying on my back I've been known to hit the wall behind me. I am proud of them, and without a condom they always mean a shower with a woman (I mean under the water after, but the act itself too).

    Something tells me much of this is inborn, but I do think the way I "hold it in" right at the moment, and then at moments along the way (as the first is sometimes hardly the most powerful), helps. I also tend to hold my breath before it happens, and my imagination has always been both deep as well as the kind to run wild (appreciating sex at so many different levels at once), and I think that especially helps.

    One more thought is that I often hold off, which builds pressure, and then keep holding off at when the moment comes along. I get a definite rhythm going, and when I've done that enough and let go, that only adds to it.
    Sorry, forgot my pen.
    thepete responded:
    lecithin works for me. kind of discovered by accident. my wife was referred to lecithin for help with weight loss and cholesterol. I started taking it with her about 3 weeks ago. We noticed the amount of ejaculated seemed larger than normal about a week later. We wondered if there was any connection or just a coincidence. She did some searching on the internet and found it is a side affect of lecithin. She found other websites that were specifically about increasing ejaculate and now I take around 2400 mg a day. (2 400 mg gel caps 3 times a day. I used to have about 2-4 pc contractions when I orgasmed. Friday I climaxed with 8 and this morning it was over 10. She and I love it.
    Solve01 replied to wifeandmomof2's response:
    Please don't ever grip your cock and try to stop ejaculating, you'll probably damage it and regret it. I did this a few times and now my erections are poorer. So don't do it. Think of me having done it for u guys and now saving you from doing the same thing.

    Anyways, im looking to get my strength back right now, wish me luck.
    Solovar replied to wifeandmomof2's response:
    He should try Volumepills with Lecitin.
    Solovar replied to josh925's response:
    You should should try Volumepills with Lecitin, just a suggestion.
    georgia1965 replied to 1957hank's response:
    YES! Volume matters. And runny ejaculate is a big turn off for me, blah. I like it in me, on me everywhere & lots of it, & I love to swallow. I DON'T like the taste of it though. Saw a few things on here that we're going to try. Also having my husband pick up some Lecithin on his way home from work tonight. I'll keep you posted.
    1957hank replied to georgia1965's response:
    Georgiagirl, thanks for your comments. I may sound a bit naive especially after 35 years of marriage. I just didnt know that women liked semen. I am still not sure about my wife. We are well past child bearing times, so cumming her inside does nothing. We are not making babies. I have a difficult time cumming anywhere else in her or on her. I need to expand my zone. lol
    LifeisGood1019 replied to georgia1965's response:
    If you want it to taste better, have him eat pineapple frequently; stay away when he eats asparagus.
    AnabixVapor responded:
    Is it possible to overdose on Lecithin Concentrate?
    I have been trying to increase my ejaculation amount, I went out and bought Lecithin concentrate 400mg and was wondering if anybody could figure out the maximum tolerable amount of dosage, I am a 15 year old male.
    It says the suggested dosage is 3 a day.
    fcl replied to AnabixVapor's response:
    I suggest you consult your doctor before exceeding the recommended dosage. I also suggest that you check that it's OK for you to use this product given that you're only 15 and still developing ...
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    ChadBo responded:
    My bf has used lecithin for a while and does lots of kiegels. His loads are tremendous, and yes, lots of women love a guy who can shoot a huge load a long distance. Sometimes I'll jack him off with some ball licking and an little anus licking (all the time stroking his penis). If i do it just right, he will shoot beyond his oown head. 12 ropes are his record. As for, I love it when he pulls out of me and shoots all over my face and breasts.

    One other thing we've done just once. I had him serve as a waiter for a friend's bachellorette pre-party (before we went out). He was to be nude the whole time. Well, not suprsigingly, when a nude guy is in front of some very hot women, he's likely to become erect very soon. One thing led to another and we had him pleasure himself for the group. That was they day he set his records of 12 ropes. My friends were quite impressed (not to mention, he's quite well endowed)
    compressor replied to Solovar's response:
    soz to ask this how old are you madame. good to see you on this site a bit of female is all good...looking forward to your reply
    compressor replied to wifeandmomof2's response:
    hi again ,i knew i saw your name somewhere and i found iy hoooray lisa. thanks for your input as it always helps getting an input from the other side..!!

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