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    increase ejaculate load and force?
    iamunknown posted:
    my gf and i are trying to enhance our sexual satisfaction and one thing i'd like to see if i could work on is my ejaculate volume and a forceful ejaculation. ive seen ads for pills that will "increase your load" which i'm really skeptical about but have heard positive reviews, however i've also heard opinions about how you can't change the volume of ejaculate and that the pills are scams... but it just seems like there would be a way to it. (we've all seen pornos where a guy ejaculates bucket loads... and i can't imagine that's possible without pills or something else..)

    know hydration is part of it but is there anything else i can do to improve my results?

    what does zinc and/or l-arginine actually do for men with regards to sex?

    and lastly, i want to increase the force with which i ejaculate (i know this sounds stupid but i'd like to give my gf a little show instead of it just dribbling out.), is there anyway to do this? like do kegel exercises help strengthen the muscle(s) you ejaculate with allowing you to "shoot" your load? i've only done the exercises a few times (i think i do them wrong, i dunno) and i was thinking that if i held the muscle(s) really tight for as long as i could right before i climaxed, maybe that would allow me to start ejaculating farther...

    i'd appreciate any advice, tips, solutions that you could give me. thank you.
    jakennadia replied to 1957hank's response:
    I can't speak for everyone regarding semen volume making a real difference, but I can tell you that I enjoy it a lot. It feels good inside to have a lot of ejaculate enter me with force. It is also quite a big turn on for me to see spurt after spurt hitting me when he releases externally. I have even experienced orgasms just from him releasing his semen on my breasts. There are some occasions where he does not have a tremendously large volume load and that does not bother me at all either. So it's not a make or break deal for me, but I really do like it when it's large.

    hot_jujulu replied to jakennadia's response:
    I must throw my vote in with the "more is better" crowd. My hubby has never been a large volume or strong shooter on a regular basis. I attribute that to a couple Rx he must take daily and to the fact that even after 11 years of marriage we can't go longer than a day with out knocking boots so there is never much build up for him to release.

    My best judge for volume and intensity is my mouth, which happens to be my favorite spot for him to finish. I agree with previous comments about the act of him ejaculating on me can bring me to climax. And yes, the times that he had increased intensity and volume was by far the most memorable. But there was one time I remember in particular that he was going to finish without me, (which is a rarity) but he surprised me when he actually was able to aim and hit my breasts 2-3 times from 2 ft away. This was the equivalent of any G-spot stimulation and I spontaneously experienced a mind numbing orgasm. This incident stands out as one of my bests because it was without any forethought or manipulations to my body; it just happen!

    After reading all these testimonies I will be the next to try it and report back with our results. It will get a thumbs up from me even if it only help us get a fraction closer to what we experienced before.

    I'm so excited that I'll be conducting a worthy experiment to improve quality of life for others by simply giving fellatio to my sexy hubby daily for the next few weeks! Isn't life grand...for sure that's what he'll be thinking.
    Anon_475 replied to shamelessbuthonest's response:
    The thickness of your semen makes absolutely NO difference to your sperm count.
    shamelessbuthonest replied to Anon_475's response:
    "The thickness of your semen makes absolutely NO difference to your sperm count."

    Nobody said it did friend. Thickness does not make a difference in anything else, because thickness is itself a result, not a cause.

    Thickness is just an indication that you have more sperm in your spunk, same goes for whiteness. A high sperm count Sperm is what makes semen thick and white, in the same way that pulp makes orange juice thick and orange.

    On the other hand, a low sperm count will result in thinner, clearer emissions. Just like pulp-less watered down OJ will look more yellow than orange.

    Anon_475 replied to shamelessbuthonest's response:
    I hate to tell you but the color and the texture are absolutely not indications of the quantity of sperm in your semen. And the orange juice comparison is meaningless too. I'm sorry you believe this kind of nonsense and even sorrier that you're spreading it on the internet.
    DNACANNON replied to Anon_475's response:
    Shameless is absolutely right. I recommend you do a little homework before deciding what to "believe."

    Sperm is what makes semen both thick and white. That's what the thickness and whiteness is. This is not an opinion or belief. This is a fact. A very google-able fact.

    Not sure why you find this hard to believe, but I suggest you look into it, as opposed to taking shamless's, my, or worse, your opinion for it.

    I have written an entire article on how to increase both volume and thickness of your baby gravy. You can read it at

    Happy Splooging
    georgiagail replied to DNACANNON's response:
    What makes semen thick (or thin) is the hydration status of the male at the time of the ejaculation, not the amount of sperm in each ejaculate.

    Jaylesy replied to georgiagail's response:
    Jaylesy replied to georgiagail's response:

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