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    female smegma?
    ironswan posted:
    Okay, so I've tried talking to my girlfriend about this problem, but I seem to be digging myself a hole. She has a white substance, usually offensive in smell that gathers in the folds of her outer vagina. It took me a while to bring it up because i figured that she might go on the defensive. I was right. None of the other girls I've dated have had this issue. To be honest, it's a major turn off for me. I had to say something because I've found myself avoiding oral sex altogether. I don't want for her to feel like I'm not attracted to her....I am. I'm just having a hard time with this issue. She's a very clean person, so I don't understand why she always has this issue. It's not a yeast infection, so I'm assuming it's just the female body's way of cleansing itself. Every time I bring it up, her feelings get hurt. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
    yungLady responded:
    Well seems to me she might want to get check out if it has an offensive smell, could be serious. An especially if it is a turn-off for you. She should be seriously concerned unless she has been to an doctor about the smell. But she shouldn't have a problem with you saying something as long as you are looking out for her well-being.
    Jessegirl01 responded:
    I agree with the OP, if she is a clean person and is still having an issue with this she absolutely needs to see her OB/GYN. Is it possible that she is washing but not washing thoroughly enough to get inside all the folds? Sorry for the TMI, but I have a hidden clitoris and I have to hold my outer lips apart and wash. Maybe she is just washing the outside and not the inside?
    PhysiologyMajor responded:
    Ok, first of all, the white stuff you're talking about is smegma, not a yeast infection. In fact, it's perfectly normal, and, wait for it... HEALTHY! Gasp! It's her bodies (and every females') way of cleansing her vagina, helps lubricate (so you have better sex and wards off friction from clothes and moving), and protects her from bad bacteria from taking over and actually causing a yeast infection. Other girls you've dated have it, I guarantee it, they just washed it off before you guys hopped in the sack. The fact that she keeps it shows that she wants a healthy body, and she is comfortable enough with you to let it show. I commend you for taking the risk to ask her, but in reality, give her a break. It's a natural thing, and the removal of it can lead to a really itchy crotch. If she smells fishy, then she needs to see a doctor. However, if she takes a shower at least 3 times a week, she's a clean person, and the smell you're smelling is good. It means she's taking care of her female business, has a healthy diet, and could also mean she's in a different phase in her menstrual cycle (yes, females are in a continuos cycle, which changes everything). When you start shaving your legs and armpits, wearing makeup, do your hair, wear a bra or a thong, and high heels, then you can judge. But if you do notice an unusual smell that's different from her normal odor, be a dear and tell her, because she needs to see her gyno. However, I'm glad you did bring it up to her rather than just disappearing. It shows you really care for her. A for a man who talks.

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