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    Paraguard I.U.D.
    TriangleSquare posted:
    Has anyone had bad experiences with the Paraguard I.U.D.? I'm thinking about getting one, and I want to know from people who have had it whether or not they recommend it.

    I am 21 years old, I'm in a committed, long term, monogamous relationship. I've only been with one partner and he's only been with me.

    I've never been pregnant but my doctor recommended the paraguard I.U.D. because I cannot take hormonal contraception. I'm normally a very level headed, rational person, but I have some mild anxiety disorders(OCD, GAD) . When I tried hormonal contraception(Depo, The Pill) my anxiety got so bad it was borderline paranoid-delusional and I had to be sent to a psyche ward(that sort of thing had never happened to me before, and subsided after the hormones got out of my system). So for some reason I'm very hypersensitive to hormones. Also, I got the depo shot in May of last year. It caused me a persistent(6 months long), severe yeast infection. That severe yeast infection is gone, but I'm still prone to yeast infections about once a month. My normal menstrual periods are a bit heavy, and I hear they will become heavier if I get the I.U.D. I also read somewhere that Paraguard I.U.D.s could cause hair loss and I was wondering how common that is?

    So, does anyone have any strong recommendations/warnings about paraguard?
    CrystaBri_5 responded:
    I have had the paraguard IUD since December. I haven't had any problems with it except when it was inserted- my doc didn't get it in the right spot and I had to go back and get another one inserted- but that was because I had a c-section. Here is what to expect if you decice to go with the paraguard- first you will need to get a pap test done. Then your doc will make another appt for the IUD to be inserted. They may want you to come in during your period because your cervix will be more open- they may also give you an rx for a pill that you insert about 1 hour before you get the IUD that helps soften and open your cervix. Before the doctor inserts it they will measure and check the position of your uterus and let you feel the strings of the IUD- they feel like fishing line. They may also numb your cervix- they did this for me the second time and it helped even though you can still feel it. When they insert the IUD it feels like a really strong cramp/contraction. After that you should be fine though. You do need to check the strings once a month to make sure that the IUD is still in place. It does cause heavier periods and also irregular periods for a month or two also. I recommend it and like I said before I haven't had a problem with it except when my doc didn't insert it correctly. As for the hair loss- I had a baby and that is why I am losing my hair. The same thing happened when I had my first daughter- I lost alot of hair and I didn't have an IUD. So I don't blame the paraguard for my hair loss- it is normal after having a baby and I don't think it will happen to you- ask your doc about it too- JMHO though. GL HTH
    dharma04101 responded:
    I had Paragard for 4.5 years and was very happy with it.
    kaybee1023 responded:
    I am also 21, never had children, in a monogomous relationship, and can not take hormones and my doc recommended the paragard iud. I have had it about 2 months now and so far so good. My doc just told me the insertion may be a little more uncomfortable for someone who has not had children yet because your uterus and cervix has never been stretched. They just had me take advil before i came in. The insertion feels like a really sharp strong cramp, but then its over. Its definitely better than becoming pregnant before you are ready.
    MissYona02 responded:
    I am a 24 year old mother of two small children, ages 4 and 16 months. My husband and I decided on the IUD because we are still young and unsure if we want more children. I did not want to take the pill, as I could never remember to take it. I had the patch and loved it, but they puled it off the market.

    I had my Paraguard put in in March of 2007, after giving birth to my second child. Since then I have had severe hair loss. It comes out in clumps when I comb, brush, shampoo, or simply run my fingers through it. My skin is more oily than usual and I have been breaking out a lot more. Nothing is working. In the beginning I was having spotting in between my cycles and every cycle came with bad cramps and heavy bleeding.

    I love the fact that it is good for 10 years! It has been a really great product, minus the above side effects. However, I am considering other options as I am not comfortable with the hair loss issue.

    Hope this was helpful!!
    dawnb1972 responded:
    I'm 35 and have had my paraguard IUD for 4 years now. Absolutely love love it. My only advice to you - if you haven't had children, it can be a painful procedure. I didn't know this on insertion day, and I ended up vomiting about 90 minutes later from the discomfort. If you can get any sort of pain medication before hand that would be a MUST! My periods were a bit heavy the first few months but have since settled down to about 4 days per cycle. I also cannot take hormones of any kind so this form of BC is a blessing for me. Had I have known how great having an IUD was, I would have gotten one years ago! I havent had hair loss or heavier periods. And even though the insertion was painful, it was still worth it.

    Other nice thing is that it's easily reversible, so if you decide you want to get pregnant in the future it's as simple as having it removed. It's really a great form of BC and I dont think you'll regret it in any way. Good luck.
    lialivia responded:
    I just got paraguard in last week - I have 5 children and insertion for me hurt pretty bad! Don't let them fool you, it was like a very strong labor contraction. Besides the first day of cramping haven't had any other problems so far. I do like the fact it's good for 10 years, but I'm already dreading that day to get it removed. I hope it is nothing like getting it put in!! ~ Lisa
    kimberly687 responded:
    I am 24 yrs old and I had the paragaurd iud inserted back in march of this year. I needed because the horomones in birth control were turning me into a monster and this was the only other option. I was told that the only real side effect besides the horrific cramps i experience each month would be that my menstrrual periods would be extremely heavy for the first few months. Well, a couple of weeks after having the insertion done I started getting all these wierd symptoms that seemed like I was having an allergice reaction. Over the next month the reactions were becoming unbearable. I just actually found out today from my doctor that because my menstrual periods were so heavy lately I had developed anemia because a ton of iron has been depleted from my body. So if you are going to get the insertion which i suggest you do because it has no horomones and it actually is fantastic, take vitamins and watch out for signs of anemia so you don't suffer for months trying to figure out whats wrong with you. Take care and again I strongly reccomend it.
    mystiegirl responded:
    I am 26 years old with 2 children, ages 5 and 3. I got the Paraguard about a month ago and am just heading into my first period since having it put in. I used to only suffer cramping the first day or two of it, now I have about 5 days until I start and I am in total agony from the cramps, feels like I am in labor.I am afraid to know what my period will actually be like. I have not suffered any hair loss but my skin has been very oily and breaking out more than normal.I did not have too much of a problem with having it put in except that it feels just like really bad cramps and that lasts about a day then I was fine. I am hoping the cramping improves with time. It is however nothing that some ibuprofen doesn't take care of.
    Kathy29301 responded:
    I had a tremendous amount of hair loss throughout my six years with the Paraguard IUD. Most of it came back but my hair line in the front receded - widow's peak. It's not worth all the agony that I experience. Tremendous headaches, acne, aches and pains. I did not know that the IUD was the problem. However, when it was finally removed, all of my health issues subsided.

    If you choose to use this particular type of birth control method, just be aware of the issues

    TAM83714 responded:
    Thank you for your email! I've had the Paraguard IUD since April 2006. In the beginning, I noticed fairly significant hair loss, but thought it was related to coming off birth control in January of the same year. However, the hair loss has gradually continued, especially along my front hairline, and there seems to be very little re-growth. I'd never had issues with hair loss before the IUD. As you mentioned, I've also had adult acne since going on the IUD, which is something new for me as well. I can deal with the acne, but the thinning hair has been very difficult and trying to pinpoint the cause frustrating. I'll be removing the IUD in another month and hope to see the same improvements that you have.

    Aside from these issues, I've had very good results with the Paraguard. Hopefully others will have better luck.
    MsLazo_soon responded:
    Hello there. I am 24 years old.I have a 7 year old daughter. used the depo shot from the time I had my baby (I was 17)till I turned 20. The depo was good till then, I stared gaining weight and stuff so I desided not to use birth control anymore. So after 6 years i got in a monogamous relationship. I just got paraguard less than a month ago. It really hurts when you get it in. I cramped really bad for 4 days . i got over it. I dont know about anyone ealse but i spoted for about 2 weeks and then got my regular MP wich i though was weird cuz it wasnt time yet. I'm not cramping and when my MP came i didn't even cramp or anything so i think this is good. About the hair loss. Ive been lossing my hair way before paraguard so i dont think thats a problem. However i just got it so im not sure how bad can it get. I do recommended though. Like i said is really painfull so much that when i got it inserted i was crying. Also my boyfriend feels it not always but most of the time he does ( that is a turn off he saids, cuz it pokes him). I read a lot before i got it and it doesnt have any hormones so you should't have any problems with it (unless you're alergyc to cooper) Hope that helps
    eand15 responded:
    Hey i was reading your post and wanted to let you know that if your boyfriend can feel your IUD your strings are probably to long. My mom had hers for 15 years and I just got mine 2 weeks ago; thats what the doctor told me, and also what my mom told me. I won't know till my husband returns from deployment but I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't. Have a good one
    salmyr responded:
    I am a 40-year-old female with three grown children. After a pregnancy scare last month I decided to do something about it. My gyn recommended paraguard IUD. I cannot take any hormones conceptive because of my family history. So, here I am after a month and my first period with the paraguard.. I do not recommended it. I have never in all my life have experience such cramps. I feel as someone is riping my uterus apart. Even my legs are numb. No pain killers are working.. my period is a heavy as hell...I so regret doing this.. I am going to have it removed ASAP. I would deal with this every month. I had plan this weekend, which were shot! Life is to short to be in PAIN .. I guest back to condoms..
    orchidsmoke responded:
    I highly recommend Paraguard for you, but you may not be able to get it.

    I have anxiety also (GAD and very mild OCD) and have always had trouble with birth control methods involving hormones. There is no issue with this method at all. I'm so glad I got it!

    If you're worried about hair loss, I would not be concerned. Many women get this device inserted in the months after having had a baby and there is a natural hair loss that occurs for many women at this time. While we're pregnant the programmed hair loss that usually occurs gets slowed to a halt. As soon as the baby is born, all of that hair has to come out, and it often does in clumps. I'm a 27-year-old mother of a 10-month-old and I lost hair like crazy for an entire 6 months after I had him. I hear that's pretty common. I still have paraguard and I still have my hair. Actually anything I did lose is growing back now.

    The reason I'm not sure if they'll let you get it is because they generally recommend it for women who've already had at least one child. The pain is subjective and will be different for everyone, but it is supposed to be a little easier to handle if your cervix has already opened up in the process of childbirth. (They will want you be on your period or at the end of it when you get it inserted because your cervix naturally opens/relaxes some then.)

    I had to get it done twice because the first one decided it didn't want to stay in after a particularly heavy period. (not common - btw) The first time I had taken Motrin beforehand and the second time was a surprise so I was completely unprepared. The doctor noticed it was coming back out, not me. Between both experiences of having it inserted my impression was that it hurts. That's it. They take a clamp and must hold your cervix open to push it through. It feels like a strong pinching feeling and then a sharper pinch as they put the IUD in. It lasts less than 5 minutes all together. Next thing you know you're walking out to your car like, "Hm, wow. I'm done? Ok."

    For your anxiety, I think the benefits definitely outweigh any alternative. I recommend if your doctor puts up a fight since you've had no children, to use that point in your defense. I couldn't function on anything else, and it isn't even a thing with this in.

    BTW- Since you seem to have hormone sensitivity also, watch out for when you DO plan on having a little one. The hormones are horrible in pregnancy, especially the first few months when the hormone HCG is holding the horse's reigns. As the pregnancy goes on Progesterone and Estrogen take the lead and, for me, the ride got a little smoother. (Just telling you in case you want to warn your significant other to take cover.) Good Luck!!!

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