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    climax vs orgasm
    shanda0914 posted:
    What's the difference and how can you tell one from the other one. What's it feel like.. I feel stupid asking but...
    wwilson89 responded:
    Isn't it the same thing? The orgasm is the climax.
    fotogirl525 responded:
    I believe a climax and orgasm are the same thing. Its a build up and rush of excitement and then a relief. Everything down there gets sensitive afterwards as well. Now female ejaculation is different which is when you orgasm from your g-spot being hit. That is more like an explosion and usually a gush of liquid comes out. I really began having this happen with my husband and there is nothing else like it. Also for me, once it started it now happens every time and often multiple times (it can also be very messy sorry tmi) I think you just have to be in tune with each other and know how to hit that right spot.
    shanda0914 replied to fotogirl525's response:
    ok that makes sense. I've never had the big "o" before.
    veryinquisitive responded:
    Climax & orgasm are the same thing. Women have the benefit of 2 different orgasms. One is vaginal when all the muscles inside release tension & the other would be clitoral. Clitoral usually takes longer for a woman have & results from direct or indirect touching of the clitoris. Vaginal results from the insertion of an object into the vagina.

    I find it helpful for a clitoral orgasm to stimulate myself while we're having foreplay. I know what feels best to me so I'm not embarrassed in front of my lover.
    beyondtheacceptednorm responded:
    They are different. An orgasm is a very pleasurable feeling that often comes in waves. It can last anywhere from half a minute to about 2 hours for a normal healthy person.

    A climax is the release of the built up sexual tension that results from an orgasm. It is an intense release of pleasure that usually lasts from about 10 seconds to maybe 20 seconds.

    The false belief that these are the same thing probably stems from the outdated 4 phases of sexual response cycle from Masters & Johnson. Anyone who has experienced sexual pleasure knows there is no such thing as plateau. That stage is actually orgasm and comes and goes in intensity as stimulation varies. The response cycle is more accurately -arousal, orgasm, climax, and resolution.

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