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    Shooting Blanks
    xbombshellx posted:
    So I have a question.. if your significant other jack's off and nothing comes out does that mean he is shooting blanks or is there something else going on?
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Do you mean when your SO masturbates, nothing comes out when they orgasm? If that's what you mean, it's called retrograde ejaculation and should be checked by a doctor.

    "Shooting blanks" usually means they are ejaculating but no sperm are present such as after a vasectomy.
    xbombshellx replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    no when he jacks off NOTHING comes out at all.. so like when we have sex no cum goes inside me because no fluid comes out at all..
    xbombshellx responded:
    and is there any way to fix this???
    An_211288 replied to xbombshellx's response:
    He needs to see a doctor about that.
    2buck responded:
    How often does he jack off? When I'm jacking off a lot, the last jack off sesion, I may have only a drop of cum ejaculate or none at all because the well is dry. By jacking off a lot I mean maybe 3 times one day and upto 4 or 5 times the next day. If I take a break for a day or 2, my supply builds back up and I will start ejaculating again. If he is not jacking off a lot, then he should get checked out.
    LoveYorkies responded:
    I agree he should get checked out. Sometimes this can be one of the early signs of a prostate problem (BPH or cancer). You don't say how old your SO is, but as men age this sometimes becomes an issue. Nonetheless, encourage him to see the doctor.
    Karen Luster, MD responded:
    Semen or the ejaculate can be decreased if a man has stress, ejaculating in the bladder (retrograde ejaculation) multiple daily emissions (ejaculation) or production or blockage. If there really is nothing, I recommend an evaluation by a physician.
    SinlessPrism replied to Karen Luster, MD's response:
    I have a question. As a man I do admit I do masterbate from time to time but I was wondering how can you tell from home if your shooting blanks or not? What I mean is would it be obvious or would I more likely need to see a physican.
    Elle0317 replied to SinlessPrism's response:
    Sperm is only visible under a microscope, and is tested for in a lab once requested by you to your Dr.

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