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    Question for men
    J5DC2 posted:
    What type of body you prefer on a woman? Before you answer, let me say the following, I see beauty on every woman regardless of body type, however, I prefer more meat than bones type of woman and by this I don't denote any disrespect to any skinny woman as I find them beautiful as well. But I have my preferences. When you answer, please be kind, this is a simple poll to gauge general men's preferences about the subject matter. The reason I would like to conduct this poll is because when I see models on TV or magazines most of them look to me as if they are being starved and some of them, though have beautiful faces, their bodies are not that attractive. Furthermore, lot females get hung on this issue and they think that having some meat makes them look fat and therefore unattractive, which I think the contrary is true. Perhaps I am part of a minority who prefers more meat then bones, but of course, I would not know unless I ask other men.
    And, don't tell me that you don't look at the body alone, but at the person as whole and you like intelligent, a good sense humor, etc. I get it, me too, but let's stick to addressing the simple question I have posted.
    Just to give you an idea, when I married my wife her weight was about 125 lbs. she is 5'8" and I thought she was too thin, but I married her because I loved her and I looked at the entire package. However, 15 years and 3 children later she is now 165 lbs. and I find here hot and just perfect and I continue to be deeply in love with her.
    Thank you!!
    firefighter38111 responded:
    I didn't marry my wife for looks and I am glad she didn't marry me for looks. My wife is very sexy. I could care less about movie models and TV stars. They are what they are actresses. My wife is real and she is my wife. I honestly don't wonder what those actresses look like undressed nor do I care. I didn't put my wife's stats in here but don't read into that meaning she must be large. She is not. She must be skinny. She is not. My wife is a self assured confident woman that knows what she wants and is a professional. She maintains eye contact with me and is independent. She is smarter than I am. She is sexier than I am and she is my best friend. She knows when to tell me I am screwing up and she knows when to hold me close because I am hurting. That's honestly all I care about

    i dont know if i am in a majority or a minor got ot go pager
    jason1022 responded:
    To be honest I really don't care what my wifes body looks like. I love her pass her outside. Even though she doesn't look the way she did before we had kids, at 30 she's still hot! Sizzling hot!!! She's put on at least 20-25 pounds since she had our last, but the weight is in all the right places.

    We both still look like we're in our twentys. Here recently she just mentioned getting back into yoga. Good choice. She's so sexy when she does it! Well I'm going to be honest I like seeing her leg in the air.

    A woman is defined by how she carries herself. Now that's what you call sexy!
    J5DC2 replied to firefighter38111's response:
    Apparently none of the poster so far read my original post, I get all all the reasons why you married your wife, BUT THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION. PLEASE read everything before you answer.
    firefighter38111 replied to J5DC2's response:
    ok professor. you sound like my favorite profesor in History. i will be back in a few and re read and post. ahve a great day
    jason1022 replied to J5DC2's response:
    I read what you posted, and if you prefer I wont answer anymore of your posts. Did you notice only 2 people answered you! Like I said before I DONT CARE WHAT MY WIFE looks like. Not all men are shallow minded.

    Many women are insecure because of things like your post. Because, some men want them to look a certain way! A woman is a woman regardless of how she looks.
    IslandL replied to jason1022's response:

    He seems to be asking men if they prefer women who are overweight as opposed to thin. He thinks his wife is more attractive with "meat on her bones" though he loved her regardless of her shape like the other men who answered this thread.
    firefighter38111 responded:
    I re read your post and I think I did answer it appropriately I agree with Jason's response.
    There is one thing though. You used the word "however" and you put in a different weight and admitted you still love her. The word "however" tends to negate your previous paragraph. I and I think Jason both understand and we both love our wives but are you seeking affirmation of her gaining weight and still loving her.
    I am confused I love my wife regardless of her weight now or then and what the future holds. She will always be my sexy wife.
    firefighter38111 replied to IslandL's response:
    ok i agree
    beachygirlinfl replied to firefighter38111's response:
    do you have a single brother???
    Contemplating19 replied to firefighter38111's response:
    To answer the original question, I have always liked plus sized women more than average or small women.

    Don't get me wrong, I've dated some women that were a size 6-8 and they were beautiful women inside and out, but when we were out in public I had to really make myself not be disrespectful by staring at the thicker sized women who walked by.

    The last small woman I was talking too sent me two pictures of her naked, and I had to actually make myself lie and pretend like I liked what I saw. However, when I started making comments about the hotel room she was in when she took them I think it hit her hard that I definitely wasn't really into her sexually.

    Not sure about your area, but where I'm from the majority are men who like thicker/plus sized women.
    flutterbymama2be responded:
    From what I have read in several sources, most men do prefer a "thicker" woman. The only thing is, it's not socially acceptable, so they don't go with their urges. My man prefers women with meat on their bones, and I am not just saying that because that is the way I am. You can see it in who (celebrity wise) he likes and does not like. He thinks Angelina Jolie is nothing but a skeleton. I have never caught him looking at another woman, so I can't say from that aspect.
    ashehgoshers replied to firefighter38111's response:
    aw, that's sweet! :)
    DeadManWalking56 responded:
    Too slim is awkward, keep finding bones. And too fragile. Mind you, I am slim and can't help that. So a little more weight is better than less.

    My wife at 47 is 5'4" and about 160.

    The face is a mask, as is the body, but to take proper care of the body, people should not become heavy. You guard your health for your loved ones as much as for yourself, and that also means good weight management.

    Most people who eat properly and get some healthy exercise have a small natural weight range where they feel best. Love them most in good health, it shows they love you, too.
    The_Thinker responded:
    I like natural looking women. The real question is "Why do women thin men like scrawny women?"

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