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    An_211928 posted:
    I recently had sex with a guy that was... very 'large' down 'there'.. and I know I got stretched some.. will I go back to normal size or will it stay stretched? and if so how long might it take for it to return back to normal?
    An_211929 responded:
    lol yeah I have two kids after that first one it stayed like that then the second one just fell out no pushing involved it doesnt go back ever you will need surgery.
    bogie11 replied to An_211929's response:
    I've heard several women say just the opposite - that it will return to it's original size. My wife who had 7 is proof of that.
    An_211930 replied to bogie11's response:
    lol I was being sarcastic ofcourse it goes back I would think that if someone is old enough to be having sex they should know this I mean seriously how would you be able to have sex after kids lol.
    An_211931 replied to An_211930's response:
    it's not a dumb question.. I don't appreciate it being taken as such. I'm new to sex really, and somewhat young, and finally single.. not saying I'm going to whore myself out but this guy being only the 2nd for me to have sex with, if he's not 'the one' or whatever the heck, I don't wanna be all 'loose' for the next guy, because I'm sure that's not appealing.

    but I suppose if it goes back and is just as pleasing after kids then a large.. penis isn't a big deal.

    :/ I was just curious.
    ontbear replied to An_211931's response:
    The simple answer is you will return to normal.
    done4good replied to An_211931's response:
    Past experience has shown me that it depends on the woman. Although it's doubtful that you will be "stretched out and loose", if you continue to see the big guy for an extended period of time, it MAY affect the way that potential smaller partners may fell to YOU. Also, in some cases, it will affect how you feel to a smaller man if you are cheating on him. Of this last statement, I'm certain.
    An_211932 replied to bogie11's response:
    I have heard of women who practice kegel exercises to get back their vaginal tightness after pregnancy. I have also heard of penis exercises enlarging the penis.

    I really wonder why these forms of exercises are not very popular though.
    An_211933 replied to An_211932's response:
    They are not very popular simply because they do not work and some of them can cause real damage to the penis.
    dharmadan; replied to An_211933's response:
    This is a very interesting discussion. I can't tell the gender of the above posts, but it would be interesting to see which gender is more concerned with "vaginal tightness". I was discussing this with my wife just the other day. I think this concept of "vaginal tightness" is not a universal concern among all men. When I masturbate, I don't squeeze my penis; that would be rather uncomfortable! Why, then, do we think that most men want their penis "squeezed" during intercourse. Of course every person is different, but the idea that every man wants a woman with a tight vagina is a myth. I am most turned on when my wife is very wet. At that point there is NO tightness or squeezing at all. I think the very act of gliding effortlessly into your partner is very erotic. Additionally, the main sex organ we have is between our ears! It's really about intimacy and bonding and sharing that is the real aphrodisiac. So stop worrying about how tight you are, and just get intimate with your partner. You will realize that such matters are really of NO concern!
    LoveMyLady replied to dharmadan;'s response:
    I think you're worrying about nothing. My lady friend has had 3 children, yet the first 2-3 times we had sex it took 2-3 minutes to get my penis fully inside her. Plus, I am a little on the thick side (2" diameter or about 6-1/4" around) and after having sex with her hundreds of times, it can still be difficult getting inside her even though she gets very very wet. Your vagina is incredibly elastic in nature, I highly doubt any subsequent men would have any idea you had sex with a larger guy.

    Tightness is nice, but what is more important to me is muscle control, her being able to "squeeze" me, or pull me in, or push me out. Gain control of your PC muscles through kegel excercises, and regardless of your tightness, you can send a man through the ceiling.

    Too tight can be uncomfortable, especially for marathon sessions (hours). We enjoy anal sex too, so when all I want is a tight fit it's the back door - otherwise I love her ability to massage my penis with her vagina.

    Relax. You have nothing to worry about, a man would have to be gargantuan in size to "stretch" you out permanently.
    done4good replied to dharmadan;'s response:
    Since it is alleged that less than five percent of men are below the accepted average size of 5 to 7 inches, it isn't likely to be a major problem to most men. Or, women, for that matter.
    Of course each person has their own standards. I find it amazing that so many men insist that exercises and even herbal remedies can make a penis larger when so many more have tried them all and saw no results, at all.
    An_211934 responded:
    From what I've heard from people's experiences, it will return to normal.
    Winterhawk1us replied to done4good's response:

    The people that see an increase in size are only looking at the Penis in it's erect state. It hasn't actually grown any, it's just very hard and erect. Herbs can be usefull to that extent. Exercises are (as one person responded) dangerous (to a man). Though not for a woman. I do not know why that is, I'm not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be. Some women get so "sloppy" that an average size man is not able to feel anything when engaging in sexual intercourse. Of course her gynocologist can perform a procedure called an appeaseotomy (sp), which is what doctors perform after the woman has a baby. I understand that it's quite a common procedure. As for enlarging the male organ, I need help with this, it's quite a problem in my case. I used to have a nice 7 inch, diamond hard penis. I suffered from hypothermia (nearly died) and a result became " the amazing shrinking penis", sounds like a good movie title doesn't it? Anyway, I would guess it to be 3 inches now and that's being generous.
    Anyone have any information on how to get it back? Or at least some of it?
    Waiting patiently for your responses.
    alaska_mommy replied to Winterhawk1us's response:
    Why would a doctor perform an episiotomy (had to look up the spelling) on a woman unless necessary for childbirth? Unless I misunderstood what you meant by that.

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