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    6 Embarrassing Things That Happen During Sex: What To Do
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH posted:
    Sex is an incredibly intimate act that happens between two people. And as much as people may enjoy the love, intimacy, fun, excitement or pleasurable sensations, let's face it: sometimes some funny or downright embarrassing things happen in bed.

    Here are 7 embarrassing things that can happen during sex and what you can do if they happen to you:

    1. You pass gas during sex. Human beings pass gas during the day and night - sometimes when they least expect it. Is it ideal? No. But it happens and it's nothing to be ashamed of. If it happens during intercourse, just smile, laugh and move on. If you pass gas while your partner is going down on you, cut them some slack if they come up for air to gag or laugh or kiss you. Make light of it if they accidentally do this to you, too. It's only human.

    2. He burps when he moves in to kiss you. By accident? Hopefully he's gentleman enough to excuse himself and move on. On purpose? Perhaps he could use a reminder that that's not sexy - unless, of course, it is indeed sexy to you, then good for you for being creative about sex in a way that works for you. If he does it for fun and you think it's funny, too? Well, sex is supposed to be fun so roll with it.

    3. You have to pee (badly) during sex. Look - everyone has to go to the bathroom sometimes and not always at a convenient time. So you have to pee - big deal! It's okay. Just say that you have to go to the bathroom, get up, do your thing and come back to bed. If it can wait, some women find that it actually enhances their ease of orgasm to have sex while they have to go to the bathroom. Men, however, more often say that they prefer to pee before they have sex.

    4. You queef. A queef is basically a vaginal "fart" - also called a vart. They can be more likely to occur when couples engage in more vigorous sex that pushes air up into the vagina. Some women notice that queefing becomes more common after they have children. Queefs can be noisy, but aren't smelly, and they happen to the best of us. Brush it off, smile, laugh, and move on. Some couples even queef for entertainment value, if you can believe it!

    5. You're about to have sex - but realize you haven't groomed down there. If your lover is a long-term love, he or she is unlikely to notice or care. A new partner may be a little surprised but most experienced people won't care much about a minor lack of grooming. If you feel self-conscious about it, you could make a joking remark about it being a while since you've groomed, such as "Sorry I haven't groomed in a while - but I'm sure we'll still be able to find all the most important parts!" If you're in your own home and it's that important to you, you can sneak into the bathroom and quickly shave or trim. If you're at a partner's house, don't help yourself to his or her razor as you could potentially get an infection that way.

    6. You can't get it in. Whether you're having vaginal or anal sex, sometimes bodies don't fit as expected. Don't be afraid to lend a helping hand or to ask for help if your bodies need to get together. Using a store-bought lubricant can be helpful, too, especially if sex is happening right after a warm shower, bath or dip in the pool as warm water can dry out the vagina. If you're dealing with an ongoing vaginal pain issue, connect with the National Vulvodynia Association ( for information and referrals.

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    What a fun topic! I bet everyone here has had at least one or two (if not all) of these things happen to them. I hope others will chime in with their experiences and funny stories.
    An_212262 responded:
    Ohhh, I have definitely experienced every one of these!!! LOL

    Thankfully, my boyfriend is awesome and our playful sex life grows more from the laughter! The other night I was not groomed up to par and instead of getting upset, we created a nickname for this unprepared style issue.

    I say go along with the messes and have some inside jokes! We are supposed to be a team, right?!?

    Fuzzy Wuzzy:)
    alaska_mommy responded:
    A girl friend of mine related a funny happening---they were right in the throes of passion when she saw a spider on the bed (she HATES spiders) and screamed. It definitely killed the moment but it cracked up her husband, and she started laughing too (after spidey was dealt with).
    An_212263 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Yeah, you have to let those spiders not get in the way!

    As for passing gas, we still get a little uncomfortable but it is nice to realize that we're both human!! and these things happen:) Personally, I like to ignore anything like that, no reason to draw attention and ruin a good time or embarrass anyone.

    With the not being able to "get it in", I always draw attention to how it must be the fact that he is way too well endowed!
    veryinquisitive responded:
    What a great posting! I was attracted to it right away because what person hasn't had something embarassing during sex. And I've had could add a lot more to the your list, Dr. In fact how about the same column every month w/different embarassing topics? I know that when I first started visiting this site, I had what I thought was the MOST embarassing question there ever was. I was so glad there was a place I could turn w/something I couldn't even talk to my best friend about. I plunged right into my questions without stopping to read any of the past posting topics. When I checked for replies & started wandering into the different postings, it's helped my confidence immensely. I no longer feel like the only one something's happened to. A column heading/invitation likes your's might aid others in something they had never thought about before. I know I've been brought current w/the sexual world with this site. Thanks again!
    NJMALE123 responded:
    After anal intercourse (with a condom, of course), a friend had a yucky experience. Upon the partner's withdrawal, the condom was covered in fecal matter, and said matter also was oozing onto the bedsheets. Should an enema have been used prior to this fun (which was rather spontaneous - and would not allow several hours of preparation)? Or what is the solution? It is troubling when gas is accompanied by ooze.
    mountain_girl_1979 responded:
    These are great! I seriously think all of these have happened to me, at least once! Most memorably, #1... when my husband & I first started dating & I was going down on him. We had been out that night drinking & he had had a few beers (hence the gas). We both cracked up, & later the next day, he called all of his friends & told them what happened... and that he knew I was the woman he would marry because he farted in my face while I was going down on him. Talk about getting crop dusted!
    Mensch59 replied to An_212262's response:
    It's only on the last few years that people have felt a need to totallly shave or highly trim "down there" except when Summer clothes come out. My wife is rather hairy so we have named her vagina Sheena as in "Sheena of the Jungle", a cheesy movie from the late 70's.
    Sex should be a source of laughter.
    Contemplating19 responded:
    lol, neat post.

    My most embarrasing moment during sex...

    I had a girl dump me while we were in the middle of having sex, funny enough I was still able to finish.

    Behold the power of an orgasm.
    alaska_mommy replied to Contemplating19's response:
    LOL!!! Man, that's great timing to dump you right in the heat of the moment. Geez...
    reyfrank replied to alaska_mommy's response:
    Reply to "Contemplating19". LOL, what a question - When you inferred that she dumped you, did you mean she left you or that she took a dump on you? I ask because if she left you I'm guessing you finished on your own. LOL. Great site.
    An_212264 responded:
    #4 during doggy style... So embarrassing! LOL... It normaly happens when we use condoms in the doggy position.. Luckly he could care less
    Contemplating19 responded:
    lol, no. I don't mean she took a dump on me. I'm not into hitting women but I think if a woman intentionally did that to me it would be my breaking point.

    She ended the relationship right in the middle of sex, I was going to stop and ask her "why?" etc... then I thought to myself "Well, might as well get one while I can. She owes me..."

    We both had a good orgasm, and then she left. lol.
    babyblue72 replied to Contemplating19's response:
    Ok, my boyfriend and I were having sex, he was behind me and I had a small bullet I was using on myself.....were getting into it and I smelled smoke....were still going at it and then he says he smells smoke...the bullet had got sooo hot that it almost caught on fire..... we laughed....till we both were in tears....He is a fire fighter......

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