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    Oral Sex cause Strep Throat?
    An_212776 posted:
    I have been sexual active for about 6 years, and I have noticed a pattern. After I perform oral sex, I almost always come down with strep throat. I know the two are related because if I'm not sexually active for a period of time then I am fine health wise. But if I have oral sex with someone, the symptoms begin to show withing 3 days. This has happened with all new partners, and with a few partners whom I have been with long term. I'm in a new relationship and already I have gotten strep twice (three days after finishing first Amoxi prescription we had oral sex and the symptoms came back). None of my partners have ever experienced problems, and I know that I am STD free. Why does this happen? What can I do to prevent it?
    An_212777 responded:
    I would suggest you limit the amount of sexual partners you have. Maybe down to lets at a time! So whenever you do catch something you can atleast know who gave it to you and tell that person.............and both of you can get treated properly. That way you won't run around spreading illnesses! You may not be STD free, some viruses lie in a dormant state in your spine and may "wake up" years later. Your behavior sounds dangerous and very promiscuous............if you continue this behavior, I am sure strep throat will not be the only infection you will be worrying about . Take better care of yourself. I know it's your life but....please take a moment to think about the long term repercussions.

    Just my caring opinion
    rubixcube86 replied to An_212777's response:
    For the record, my partners are one at a time. And I get tested after every new partner so that if I do have something I know exactly who it came from. I was celibate for 2 years before getting into the relationship I'm in now, and still have the same issues.

    My point was, if I'm not sexual active for two years, then I have two strep free years, but if I decide to be with someone, I instantly have strep. Then another two nonsexual active/none strep throat years can go by, and then if I get into another relationship then BAM I have it again.

    The number of partners I've had in the past isn't the point of the question, it's why do I always have this reaction.
    An_212778 replied to rubixcube86's response:
    Strep throat is caused by streptococcus. This can be any of various spherical bacteria..........and some cause serious diseases. Maybe your immune system needs a boost, like eating healthier choices and taking a vitamin and mineral supplement. Exercising also helps boost your immune system. Your best bet would be to consult your doctor and express your exact concerns to him/her. I would keep a close eye on this. You can also go to WebMD and look up "strep throat" and they will give you a whole lot of information. Take care.
    LiLqt4103 responded:
    I know how your feeling.

    When I was a senior in HS, I preformed oral sex on my boyfriend who I had been dating for a year. I was driving one day to school, and I felt a tickle in the back of my throat. I told my parents about it, they said to take Halls and cough medicine to ease the pain, and that I most likely got it from school.
    A month went by and it got worse and worse. I had stopped swallowing my own saliva, eating, and drinking. Then I came home and told my parents that I couldn't breathe through my mouth. They rushed me to the Clinic, and told us to see and Eats, Nose, and Throat doctor. The doctor there told me that we will just take out your tonsils, well....I didn't have any, they had been removed when I was a baby.
    I was rushed to the emergency room, I had an MRI done and there it was. An abscess, the size of a golf ball growing on my throat wall against my esophagus. They removed it, and I was out for 2 weeks. They gave me "Augmantan" (sp) to make sure it didn't come back
    Two years later, I gave oral to a guy I was dating, and the same thing happened only this time I caught in time and they gave me the same medicine to kill it.

    I know these people don't believe you, but in my opinion, I just tell myself I'm allergic to it, and I don't preform oral anymore.
    fcl responded:
    Are you male or female? Are your partners male or female?

    If you're female with male partners, are you giving oral after they've been inside you? I ask because I saw this post on another board (sometimes coincidence is a good thing!) and it got me wondering. Read the answer to the post particularly.Gail explains well about vaginal strep B and how it can cause UTIs. Can you relate to this? @
    An_212779 replied to fcl's response:
    I'm female, all my partners are male, and the oral sex is before intercourse. If you saw it on another board I'd love the link, maybe they have some feedback that would be helpful to me. I can't relate to the link you gave about Strep B and UTI's because I've never had that issue. Each time I'm always given a rapid strep test and it comes back positive. I've never had a UTI or an abscess in my throat, just strep throat. After a 10-day round of Amoxi I'm back to normal, until the next time oral sex occurs. As I said, I have no STD's or any other conditions that could explain it.
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH responded:
    Are you 100% certain that you are STI-free? It is possible to get some infections, such as gonorrhea or chlamyida, in the throat. If a person is infected, the symptoms can be very similar to strep throat. You can get tested for this, often via a long Q-tip like thing being used by a doctor to test your throat.

    When you try oral sex again, you might try it using a condom and see if the symptoms still reoccur. You shouldn't get any infections from protected oral sex and that might help provide some information for you or your doctor as you try to figure it out.
    An_212780 replied to Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH's response:
    Took your advice and my boyfriend and I both got tested for STIs. As predicted, we were both clean.

    Could it have something to do with him not being circumcised?
    3point14 replied to An_212780's response:
    Have ALL of your other partners been uncircumcised?
    fcl replied to An_212780's response:
    I seriously doubt it. Uncircumcized is the norm where I live and I've never had a problem like what you're describing ... despite numerous partners.
    fcl replied to An_212779's response:
    The point wasn't about UTIs, it was about Strep B being common in vaginas so if it can cause UTIs it can cause what you have given that it's the same bacteria.

    Maybe you need something stronger from your doc to eradicate what you seem to be carrying? Strep B is NOT an STD.
    An_212781 replied to An_212780's response:
    I believe it has absolutely nothing to do with him being uncircumcised. My Husband is not circumcised and we have never had a problem.
    An_212782 replied to fcl's response:
    I looked further into the Strep B and it's not something that can be passed partner to partner, especially not orally. It only becomes a concern if the woman is pregnant.

    I didn't think it had anything to do with him being uncircumcised, but since I'm running out of ideas and so far no doctors are being helpful I'm trying to explore all possibilities.
    An_212783 replied to An_212782's response:
    I want to keep this updated in case anyone is following it, is having the same problem, or finds any new information. I have been to 2 doctors so far, an OBGYN and a primary care provider, both couldn't figure out what the "infection" was.

    So far my partner and I have both been found negative of obvious STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, Hep A, B, and C, Syphilis, and HIV/AIDS). I also came up negative for a strep test, so it isn't strep throat. They ran a few throat cultures (didn't tell me specifically what they were testing me for) which came back negative. I have a normal pap smear. I asked for a referral to a ENT specialist but was told since my symptoms were gone (after a third cycle with antibiotics) I had no need to see an ENT specialist.

    So far the only advice the doctors have given is for us to just not participate in oral sex and see what happens in the future. I'm sorry, but that isn't an acceptable, so I'm going to keep searching. If anyone has any advice/information/helpful suggestions feel free to leave them.

    Also, more Exert Advice would be nice.

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